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Queue Dodge

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...I know that Queue dodge is supposed to never happen, but sometimes I have to. Sometimes my friend just logged in, or someone is having a bad attitude right at the champion select and I don't wanna wait the full champion selection and a full game before getting rid of such presence.
...Problem is, although I'm completely okay with a 5 minute wait for the scenarios where I have to dodge, there isn't a button to quit the game, which means I'll have to close and re-log on the game. Guess what happens right now? It took me almost half an hour to log in and first thing I get on the solo queue is a 4-man premade random-insta-locking all their champions... now I don't even know how long it will take for me to log back on the game. I'll probably have to surrender and say goodbye to what I thought should have been my 1hour break in a LoL game. #firstworldproblems (sounded pertinent)
...What I'm asking is not something really new, but something asked long ago by different people: a "dodge button". Because I believe the wait to re-queue is punishment enough so it's not something to happen very often, but when the servers can't guarantee to me that I can log back in the game.... you get the point, I hope.
TL;DR: Had to queue dodge right after 30 mins to log-in, won't be able to log back because of giant queue timer and just with I had a dodge button, or never logged in the first place.