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A way to fix solo que ranked.

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I think there should be a starting ELO match before you get into real ranked matches where you play against the highest difficulty of bots this should go for everyone 1200 ELO or lower. Yea this is easy to anyone who knows the game but that's just it. There should be some type of limit you have to pass to play certain LvL ranked games and if the player does not pass it then put them in a lower ELO instead of 1200 and the people that did pass it at 1200. I think this will solve a lot of issues because not only are you saving people from ELO hell but your getting them aware at least of the difficulty of ranked. There are A lot of new people rushing into ranked games crippling the people who are really ready at least now they will know there level and if they decide to play another ranked after that match then that will be there official ELO something along these lines or something please riot too may times have i lost a game because some people just did not know the basics of the game.

Also the 100th champ better be AP later