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New Site

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Akira Tsurugi

Senior Member


I know everyone is okay with the current page. I feel it looks out of date. The PVP.net header-tab is pretty slick as most new sites use it but it just doesn't feel like it blends in with the site, or the theme of it, or vice versa.

I think a lot of the sections need A LOT of help, from game explanation (though it's obvious most people playing this game get invited by others so they're taught how to play) to just looks. The champion section while it is updated takes so much space. I'm glad you can switch views from grid to list, and you can search live, but what Im talking about is the actual Champion stat page.

The Champion Lore/Description is not word wrapped around the picture wasting a lot of space and lots of scrolling time to the bottom for skills build. While I appreciate the big font most of the time, there doesn't seem to be any sort of "word wrapping" around anything. And while tables are used for skills, it feels like you just have to search for everything. It should be easily found damage etc. While I know Ratios are hidden (there's no reason to anymore really, since you can find in a lol wiki right away; maybe there should be an advanced view to view more details about champ and a simplistic view) it just seems messy, taking a lot of space having champion profiles really big. I love how the client shop was changed, and I know most people use that but isn't the site overdo for a change? I mean a BIG change.

The whole Game Info needs help tbh not to call out anyone who does the work for it. There's been lots of changes, but for example; To the right when you're browsing game information there's a "quick menu" for navigating though the rest, but it's overly WIDE, wasting space, and on the bottom there's nothing, I know the menu expands but the Champion profile is so big that space is wasted all the way in the bottom of it.

To be honest, Im more concerned about the looks, I liked and don't mind the forums honestly, though they aren't exactly appealing either, the "scroll" look is kinda bland, or at least its not mixing well, or gets boring. Images/icons are bland also, I'm glad the background its switched at least. But look at the Video page, in the Media section, they look very well managed and while it takes a lot of space to link videos like that, the page LOOKS nice. it could be made a bit better by searches and stuff but I call its not widely used considering its easier to go to youtube.

I have been rambling on but some pages of the site don't match with old pages, including the forums, I mean even the "Ladder" page looks newer and slicker. Some need to be updated. IMO, giving the site a brand new look is the best for it. I know there's more important things especially in-game, (such as ingame shop) but I reckon they should be a different group of Rioters working on the site. I know my opinion matters much of nothing, but I figure I should give my opinion about the site looking old, and not very appealing tbh.