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Shroud Walker



Teemo - Shrooms are hilarious, poison DOT in funny, kiting power is awesome, and the blind is just for trolling those nasty auto-attackers.
Draven - Juggling while you play and a global ultimate.
Anivia - Hard to learn fuly and the wall is very fun, you also get to troll people with your egg
Nocturne - Darknesssssss
Ezreal - Skillshots are fun and he has a great reposition
Karthus - absolutely hilarious passive and ult. You can literally flash into the enemy team and die with a glass cannon build and do well
Shaco - boxes and the clone are so much fun and hes also so good at getting away with almost no health
Leblanc - one-shotting people XD
Singed - Never die late and just troll the entire enemy team as they try to chase you.