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Elo Hell Dairies #2 (video) TIME TO GET THE **** OUT!

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Watch video below

League of legends elo hell diaires episode #2

Follow the series on my quest to get to 1400 elo in the ELO HELL!!!!!!

First lesson - Attitude, keeping a positive attitude with your team will increase your chances of winning since they will follow you if your nicer to them while ownin the enemy team. small things like gj or nice one after succeful ganks, teamfights, barons, dragons, or towers will increase your teams synergy and positive attitude. (it never hurts to be nice)

Second Lesson - Carrying - to carry is to do your job while doing someone elses at the same time (carrying over shoulder) so mostly this applies to warding, if your team doesnt ward its your responsibility to ask them to ward and if they dont ward key places around the map where they dont.

third lesson - Stay positive after a loss - if you lose just brush it off and play later or take a small break. Dont rage and say **** this game. Relax know that what is done is done. Also look at your mistakes and how you couldve done better to carry your team or keep a positive attitude in the game you lost. Best lessons are learned from losing, not winning.

Thanks for watching guys