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Discussion of New Gameplay Ideas

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I have been thinking and theorizing totally new game play ideas for League of Legends. I have a HUGE blog post about it at http://www.dotgamerclan.com/announcementsblog/2010/08/27/lol-where-should-league-of-legends-go-next/ . I would love feedback, either here, or on that page, or both if possible. I will happily add to the post your ideas and give you credit if you would like. If you cannot understand something (I know it's a little rant-ish) please just comment about it and I will try to make it clear.

@Riot: If you by any chance read this post, I am curious to know if LoL's engine would be able to handle all (if any) of these various game modes in its current state, and, if not, do you think that the coders would be able to implement what's needed to the engine without breaking it?