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Framework for partial leaver fix

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Have a queue for people wanting the challenge of jumping into a game in place of an afk/leaver after a timer has passed. Make the timer relatively short, and give the AFK/leaver 1/2 of a loss. Why 1/2? Simple. The loss doesn't count until it reaches one. This is a boon for people with spotty connections.

I believe plenty of people will jump into the challenge queue. Especially if you guarantee that if they actually lose in that scenario, it also only counts as half a loss. A win is a FULL win for them, or maybe 1.5, dunno..... You could also give bigger bonuses, and less loss if it is late game and /or multiple prior connection issues in the same game.

Perhaps you could even use check boxes to establish the earliest/latest in game you want, or max number of connect issues or afk time without movement.