Can you please get a grasp on what overpowered means

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Overpowered does not imply invincibility so arguments like "well I killed him before so he cant be overpowered." Neither does "well he stomped this game and went 30/6" imply overpoweredness. The trait can only be officiated over a wide range of games, your one game that such and such raped in probably implies a bad game. anybody?

Overpowered implies that one hero performs a role or a series of tasks with a greater degree of *POTENTIAL* than other heroes within that same role. This means that saying things like "well he has a greater learning curve" are also invalid arguments. Just because a hero is harder to learn does not mean that learning that hero should impart added benefit. This is no different from MMORPG style play: by spending more time playing you get more benefit regardless of natural talent and skill at the game itself.

Saying a champ is overpowered does not make anybody a bad player, even though many players seem to think that anybody calling overpowered must be inherently a bad player.

Conversely, arguing a champion is overpowered without logical reason why is just a waste of time and accomplishes nothing.

Lastly overpoweredness has a lot to do with natural counters. If a team with no stuns or snares is facing a good yi, a very good possibility exists that the yi is going to obliterate that team. So overpowered can be a situational concept.