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[Custom Skin] Introducing! Kumungu Janna!

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This is my first skin, so let's see how you guys like it. Constructive criticism is appreciated (No trolling, though).

At a young age, Kumungu Janna was chosen to be a priestess. Her duties included sacrificing herself for the benefit of the forest come the age of 18. Under the study of the hidden Kumungu traditions, Janna learned the power of the element air, however, only so that come her day of sacrifice, she could use the powers and escape from what seemed like a sealed fate.
When she turned 18, she made her way out of the forest like a freight train. With no place left for her in her homeland, she fled and the league thought it well and adopted her; the league let her hone her powers over under their close watch.

I've uploaded the file to leaguecraft.com (http://leaguecraft.com/skins/2232-kumungu-janna.xhtml) where you're free to download it