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Heimer Discussion

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Alright, guys. I just played Heimerdinger for the first time. I'm not much of a defensive player; I take risks too much, and I don't like sitting back and holding people off. So, I neglected Turrets until the very end and focused on the Grenade and Missiles. I went with the standard AP damage build, though I've heard a lot about cooldown on him. I ended up going 6-0 with X assists (I don't like assists much, so I don't remember them). Overall, pretty alright. I went with this build:

Sorceror's Boots
Mejaj's Soulstealer

I didn't get to finish Abyssal because the other team forfeited. Now guys, how do you play Heimer, and how effective do you think my build was? I did alright, but it became pretty apparent that the other team was...well, retarded. A level 7 Yi and Taric both tried to take me on when I was 14 and next to 5 turrets I made, two of which were red. Yeah. Pretty stupid.

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most of the time i play heimer with focussing on this 3 items:

archangel staff, rod of ages, rylais

its pretty good for a offensive player like me, u have mana(reg), hp. slow and very much needed ap

i think the turrets are a must have for heimer, u should skill it to lvl 2-3 untill u focuss on ur other skills, because it will give u a huge defense + farm abillitie.
u wont have much chance to kill early coz ur rockets are low dmg + random, and your grenade are very slow. so imho its better to farm get ur items and then try to kill :>

usually im playing as dmg/push support


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i honestly think his turrets are the most overrated abilities, and his rockets and grenades are the most underrated abillities, if you play him as a mage, you get mage stats, i have had 2 rampageless games with him, the rest all had rampages or higher, because people underestimate a solo heimer

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The Senate



I just stack Rods of Ages and it's never treated me bad. You get a crap ton of health and you become incredibly hard to take down. Better yet, you can solo a lot of cocky champions by doing the 1-2-3-4 combo. Turret, Stun, Upgrade, Missiles.

Now that turrets die when Heimer dies, people target Heimer a lot more commonly, if you have a crap load of HP, people will literally throw their lives away trying to kill you.

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It's not that I don't like or don't see the usefulness of turrets, but the fact of the matter is that they're stationary units that take, at best, about 18 seconds of CD to get just one at level 16 w/o any other cooldown reduction. Any smart player wouldn't get anywhere near a nest of those and frankly, unless you're turtling, I don't really see the point in them. That said, I find them very useful late game during pushes. I just drop one at the entrance to their base w/e I can and past that point they can't really push out too far. Not unless they gang up on me. :O

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Fallen 62

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I go between leveling turrets and his grenade, but lately I have been focusing more on missiles and grenade than turrets. I get his ult whenever possible to help with cooldowns though. And yea, if played right, he can be pretty damn good. I had a lvl 14 Shaco try to gank me when I was 1/2 health (lvl 10-ish). I stunned him, made it to my turrets I had stashed, then watched the carnage ensue as I was able to stun him again

The only thing I don't like about missiles are that they are random. Other than that, they are fairly good when you have AP stacked. The item build I use most of the time is:

Sorc Boots
Fiendish Codex (sold later in game for a Zhonya's or another Archangel's)
Rod of Ages
Either Zhonya's or Archangel's (depends on what I sold the Codex for)
edit: I'll get a Lich Bane every once and a while too, depending on the game situation...

Gets pretty decent AP and can kill fairly well

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Not that this is strategy, but more like points to think about.

. now that turrets die when Heimer does items that give life or defense plus AP/Mana regen are the best bang for the buck.

. Heimer is soooo slow. I try not to get to far down a lane solo because it's almost impossible to get away from a gank.

. the above said, grenade can save your life with a good cool down.

. one solid cooldown (glacial shroud) reduction item plus ult will hit cool down cap of 35/40%.

. in team fights a dropped turret is easily lots in the chaos...much to the detriment of the opposing team. in late game especially, use a turret like a spell in combat.

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The Senate



Mr Tibbers:
It's not that I don't like or don't see the usefulness of turrets.

Use them offensively.

Slap down turrets and upgrade them right after, their attack speed bonus is actually really nice when combined with missiles turrets and auto attacks.

Use them for tanking towers while your next creep wave shows up. Remember that upgrade insta heals a turret!

Set down a nest by your favorite neutral buff, stealing the golem buff as soon as it respawns.

Put down large nests in the enemy jungles and lure them in with your missiles.

EXPECT YOUR TURRETS TO DIE. Placing them is an adaptive thing. Some tricks can only be used a handful of times. Never feel as though sustaining a turret nest in a single place is a good idea. You want them to never know which bush is going to be filled with Reds and which isn't. If you're always in the same bush, the team is going to make a point to break you.

Coordinate your efforts with a Teemo for maximum effectiveness.

Use turrets as make shift sight wards.

One green or red turret is just about all you need from keeping regular creeps from taking down a tower.

Build turrets as you push to leave an escape corridor across your lane.

Build nests for your teammates to teleport to.

You need to outsmart the other team with your turrets, so try not to do the same things over and over again. I think the best way to play Heimer is to get missiles last, since they're they're so hit and miss and completely pointless in team fights.

Just talking about this makes me want to play Heimer, it's just that I'm sure he's going to get a remake, so I don't know if I want to invest time into a champion with numbered days.