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[basic tips] Annie: What do we think?

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I have not been playing LoL since intial beta release, however i have had warcraft 3 (+dota when it came out) since the orignal beta, and what i can say is I like this hero alot. I usually solo mid and rush getting tibbers, because the stun and extra damage is really useful. For starting items, i like to get a mana pendent 5 hp potions and 3 mana potions. After i useually rush archangel staff either mecury or ability + treads, then lich's bane. Although lich's bane is not on the suggested items list, i find it is one of the best items for annie. I personally have trouble dealing with the turret guy, hermamamarrmaq (thats how you spell his name >.&gt when he is solo mid. That is one of the main reasons i carry smite as one of my spells. Smite is really good with annie because it helps me farm even better than i already am. Usually i can help an ally kill some heros in his lane with my teleport spell. For my basic spell build, i like to max disingrate, followed by the flamethrower spell if the heros in my lane have low hp, or molten shield level 1 if i am laning against a strong tank like yumi. by level 8 i like to have one level in molten shield regardless of who i am facing. Right now my current masteries are in combat, simply for the smite and magic armor penetration. Overall, annie is GREAT for dps, defending, and pushing. Late game she can really stop entire pushes and turtle your way to victory with her ultimate. Although she is a good carry, one thing i feel needs to be changed is mana maxing out @ around 3015 (spells not causing the 4 mana gain seem to happen around here). I feel like it is unfair to annie as she can not carry as well as she should be allowed to.When i level up to 12, i will concider trading either teleport or smite for blink, and then switching masteries. I just wanna know what you guys think of annie?

PS - if you complain about low hp you might not be playing her right - yes her low hp is a problem but her spell damage and stun proc is so high that you can manage to solo alot of heros, even semi-carries. And sorry for the poor essay structure, i only meant for this to be a sentence long lol.

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Annie's mana pool isn't the biggest in the game, but it's also far from the smallest. Having played Annie regularly lately, I rarely have issues with her mana pool.

Keep in mind when you are buying items that there are two stats that affect your mana. + Mana increases the size of your mana pool while Mana Regen increases the rate at which that pool refills. 3k is a decent sized mana pool and will allow you to cast all of your abilities quite a few times. Perhaps you are lacking in the Mana Regen department?

Try buying a Chalice of Harmony in the next game you play with Annie. It will give you large amounts of mana regen that will enable your mana pool to refill itself much quicker than it normally would.

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I've been doing pretty good with Annie, but I'm a new character. She's really stuck well with me...So has Gangplank, but Annie more so..

I've found a way to get around her low HP issues. Here's how I roll, dawg.

If I don't get solo, I'll go near a tank. If no tank, I'll go near someone that's just...not as squishy as me..I start with the incinerate spell so I can deal damage to multiple enemies at once..Plus, at max level it deals more damage than Disintegrate, though I max that one first. I start by just trying to get money...and hassling nearby enemy champions if the situations calls for it.

My first item is the Sapphire Crystal, as it pushes Annie's mana pool to 500 right away. The next item I get is the fairly cheap Tear of the Goddess, for its mana regen and the passive, which is the same as the Archangel's Staff, only with a limit...you'll likely never hit that limit anyway.

Then! ...and here's where I throw people off. I save up for Giant's Belt..then from there, build Warmog's Armor.
This solve Annie's low HP problems...and realistically, she does enough spell damage that you don't need to pump your AP up that much. I usually hit 3k hp by the end of the game, often because I end up solo pushing a lane that has two enemy champions. I typically leave out her fire shield thing till level 13, but occasionally have gotten it before to ward off some enemies.

After getting Warmog's, though...I get...=/ Can't remember it's name..but it's 17% Life steal and regen health to nearby champions. Then, and only then, do I get the archangel's staff and start to pump AP.

By the end I'm a steam roller.

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HP/mana issues? Build early Catalyst, upgrade to Rod of Ages.

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Silent Reaper

Senior Member


I actually never had a problem with Annie for her Mana/Hp issues...

I suggest starting early game by getting a Cataylst Protector (Ruby and Saphire Crystal) + 2 hp pots to keep you from having to teleport back to base.
If you're not that great with your escaping abilities, get Ruby Crystal First.
If you're good at ganking early game then i suggest a Sapphire Crystal
Once you get Catalyst Protector, you'll get a nice hp/mana bonus as well as restoring hp and mana per level, which is great as it allows you to stay in lane from level ~3 to level ~8.
After that its really your choice but i recommend going offensive with Rod of Ages and Deathfire grasp.
Also, Mejai's SoulStealer is ESSENTIAL. It racks up an extra +70 Ability Power PERMENANTLY (includes after death) and allows you to consumes your enemies mana when you kill them which isn't that bad either
Which in the end gives you +140 Ability Power.

Using this with Tibbers + Combo Stun is pretty much an insta-kill.

P.s. Im not 100% sure about this, but if your Pyromania is charged up, and you decide to pull off your flamethrower in a group fight, your flame thrower will stun lock all enemy champions. (Which is like giving all your Dps teamates an extra 2-5 attacks PER allied champions, which pretty much makes group fights a piece of cake.

Just remember....your a glass canon...

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I have probably played 100 games as Annie and I believe I have perfected a build to my preference. (Of course it depends on the team I'm playing with and against, but for $h!ts and giggles I'll give you my average make-up.)

+ - Cooldown runes/ + magic pen. runes

(I have several diff mastery formations, and dont want to post em.)

Summoner Abilities:

Disintigrate (use to get last hit on minions for mana return)
Fireshield(only invest 1 point into this untile you're forced to add more. The reason for adding a point is not because of the added protection but because it costs very little mana and adds a point toward "energizing".)
-----max Disintigrate as fast as possible!

First item:
Meki penate, 1 hp pot, 1 mp pot

(Work toward Deathfire Grasp: the unique active ability doing an attack for + -30% current health, with 100% penetration, and a 1 minute cooldown will become part of your COMBO)

If in Mid:
play defensive and conservatively until lvl 6 (Tibbers)

If not Mid and with another player:
(I often times run with a team on Vent so this next part depends on your teammate)

buy your items Quick and get to the bushes linig the road before your oppents do. Use Disintigrate, then Exhaust, then Ignite. you may get another Disintigrate in but hopefully if your teamate did any dmg at all you will get the FB. This works for me 75% of the time... against certain tanks or teams with stealthys this strategy can turn against you.)

The Items I would have at level 18 Will differ depending on the opposing team, if they have a lot of magic resist i will get Abyssal Scepter. If they are doing a lot of dmg to me quickly but dont have much life (like Yi) get Ryjals Staff....

I Always get these items:
Boots of Mobility/Boots with magic pen
Deathfire Grasp.

But I doubt they would even last past tibbers ( :
(sometimes start with Exhaust, or save a tibbers stun for when their buddies come)

The more Cooldown reduction the faster your stun will be up and ready.

And No, Mana doesnt become a problem for me. Deathfire give regen, and Rod of Ages gives mana. If Im going against a lot of tanks with a lot of health ill get something else, depends.

She's my Favorite Champ so far and if i dont play her i play as Yi or Ryze.... i love burst damage ( :

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Huge Wall 'o' Text.

Anyways, Annie is currently a semi-competitive caster because she is very versatile with her stuns and damage. Her AoE stun is almost essential for Level 1 Teamfights.

I love playing her like a technical champion, with all her tricks that she has.

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Anyways, Annie is currently a semi-competitive caster because she is very versatile with her stuns and damage. Her AoE stun is almost essential for Level 1 Teamfights.

Just curious why you mentioned "semi-competitive". Is it your opinion other casters have the better of her?