Help out of 1400s

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I want to make this abundantly clear this is not another forum complaining about elo hell or how bad my teammates are etc.... This is a forum asking those of u that know how I can carry myself out of this elo bracket and what the main differences are between 14 and 13.... I have been dancing between 1425 and 1475 for about a week now I usually jungle, now what do u guys think works from that position ganking junglers, more mundo type junglers or do u have any specific strategies for me to get out thanks in advance

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I decided that I was tired of all the BS in ranked, so I took a break for a while and my rating decayed to 1400. Like you, my rating before would bump around the 1400s, but I could never get out. I started playing ranked again a week or two ago and have gotten up to around ~1530, pretty much entirely with jungle Naut.

His ganks are just sick. Naut shows up and you can guarantee summoners will be blown. Cool thing about Naut is that they still die pretty frequently after flash/ghosting away.

Naut transitions from a brutal ganker to a good initiator/tank come mid/late game. Very disruptive in team fights, good cc, great addition to a team.

Check him out. Seriously. Boss champ.