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Twisted treeline strat (3v3)

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This post will be about a TT strat me and my friends use, it will be aimed towards beginners at TT or even veterans who just dont play TT enough and need to learn a strategy, this is purely my opinion if you do not agree or have come to hate for no apparent reason please leave its a waste of your time and a waste of my time. If you have come to contribute to this post by commenting your presence is welcome. So lets get started.

First you need a good teamcompostion, the team comp i have found best is 2 tanky bruisers if not full on tanks like rammus or malphite, characters like wukong, riven, and lee sin are very good on this map. Your third is going to be the character you need to protect it either needs to be an AD carry or an AP carry dependant on the other two characters. Remember to never have 3 of the same damage type 3 ap's is easily shut down by FON or BV while AD is shut down by Thornmail or Frozen Heart. Remember to always keep your team mobile as fighting always happens on this map very constantly.

Suggested summoner spells: Always Always Always keep a mobile summoner spell incase of getting caught (trust me it happens alot) especially on such a small map where mias barely matter because if your over-extended your dead in a gank UNLESS you have a mobile summoner spell i suggest flash on this map because there are many walls to flash over that take a long time to run around, ghost works better for running down a lane chasing or fleeing, and the very under-rated cleanse works well because it gets ignite off and exhaust off but the best part is it gets rid of stuns... NOT SUPRESSIONS if a ww or malz ults you DO NOT waste cleanse on it.

Starting off: when starting off get your usual items but despite what most think do not bottom gank it is a risky thing that almost confirms first blood for one of the teams but if u lose this first blood you are very behind so, what you need to do is hide in the bush just outside your base in the jungle on the side of the rock closest to red buff and wait. Some teams go here for a top gank when someone goes up which confirms a kill if you go up that path alone, but this will defend the brush and if the enemy team tries to set up there it confirms you 1 if not two kills because you get the jump on them. If no one arrives do not worry wait for minions to spawn and kill the 3-4 jungle creeps that spawn tight there with your team this assures you lose very little health and your team ges slightly ahead in gold and exp then go straight to lane but wait for the enemy top solo to show up before fully commitin to lane because you may get ganked still and if they fail that they waste their exp not yours.

Ganking phase: there gets to be a phase in twisted treeline where everyone has 3 of the four skill this phase starts at level 4 and ganking happens alot! Remember to ward middle and keep ganking aswell you want top lane to be very scared so your top has free reign and at level 6 ward dragon 24/7.

End of laning phase: just near the end of laning phase dragon should be constantly warded and the enemy top will continue laning because your team SHOULD have scared him enough that he lost alot of farm this sets the enemys back, now your top needs to continue to lane BUT he/she also needs to take over top jungle completely and when all your team is 8+ go for dragon, dependant on your team comp you might need to constantly switch tanks for dragon.

Team fight phase: if you have perfectly executed all of the past phases your team will be 2-3k gold ahead which almost confirms a win but, they can easily come back if they have more skill, they just need to turtle and to prevent this from happening do not destroy inhibs unless you are going for a final push because unlike 5v5 inhibs are the last chance or a savior for a losing team.

If you are losing at this point let the enemys have 1 inhib never let them take 2 because then it actually takes alot of skill to turtle. When an inhib is destroyed. Monsters will automatically push the lane hard denying the team that destroyed the inhib that lanes exp and gold, so you can farm these minions perfectly but if the enemies come to finish you deny them the opportunity by dragging the minions into fountain so if they need to finish you they tank the turret. If you do not know when minions are not around for a certain period of time the turrets stats increase this is an attempt to prevent backdooring, so if they hit your turret for 120 with minions they will hit it for around 70 without the minions and take about 50-100 more damage, so with this advantage unless you completely fed the enemy team you WILL win the team fight at that turret do this long enough you will eventually get more fed and they will get desperate and try for a final push and if you ace them you can backdoor them easy.