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Are Tanks Really the Most Important Thing?

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Tanks and CC are kinda necessary on a team.

You'll be at a disadvantage without a carry but your screwed against any decent players if you don't have a tank.

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RE Bantos

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EDIT: See Below.

I'm low Elo.

WHen picking champs, nobody in my games every says "OMG we don't have a healer!" or
"OMG we don't have a melee DPS!" or "OMG we don't have any stuns!" or "OMG no aoe casters!". But people will fight, freak out, and queue dodge over whether or not the team has a tank, and who has to play it.*

It seems that at my ELO, proper team comp is thought to be "Whatever the hell you want + a tank".

Is this perception legitimate? Are tanks really super important compared to everything else? Or did the importance of tanks just percolate down to the noobs in a way that the importance of other things hasn't?

* I realize tanks are popular right now, so this point is slightly dated.

THE EDIT: People seem to be misunderstanding my question. I know tanks are important, and I think I know the reasons why. What I'm saying is, why are they the ONLY role that seems to be singled out as mandatory in team comp at my level? Carries seem important...how come I never see anyone say "WTF no carry? *queuedodge*"?

Because in the current meta, tanks and carries can be one and the same.