Champion Selection Phase

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Count Nashor

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So, is it just me, a higher league issue or Riot Servers that I tend to wait 2-3 Champ Selection Phases to play rank because someone didn't choose a Champion OR all Champions have been chosen but still all 10 of us gets kicked out and have to wait again with a notice saying "A Player did not select a Champion"?

Most of the time, for me, it's when all 10 of us have chosen our Champs and we still get kicked, =(.

You can say I'm probably on some sort of substance for saying this but, LoL, I really think that getting through 2-3 Champion Selections has a huge effect on the outcome of the game.

But yea, inputs, yatee-yataa, back to SoloQ.

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It gives you the same explanation even if it's just that a player dropped out of the match (i.e., X'd out of the client).