[Champion Concept] Aaron, the Petty Theif

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Aaron the Petty Thief

Short description: Aaron is a tanky support champion who could also be used as a jungler do to his high mobility and push backs. He focuses on controlling the battlefield and mobility. While he does have some defensive capability, aka the shield on his Q,and his passive,his focus is primarily on being able to control the battlefield though.AA is melee range.


Passive: Aaron warps space around himself to stop the deadliest parts of a blow making him take x% less damage from all attacks, this bonus is doubled for critical strikes. The amount of damage absorbed over the past 2 seconds turns into a movement and attack speed boost.
Q: Dash: Aaron dashes a small distance towards end of skill shot shielding any allies he hits and/or damaging/slowing any enemies he hits

W: Dimensional door: Aaron creates a portal that when moved through teleports an ally in the direction they were moving and gives them a temporary attack and movement speed boost. . If Aaron dashes into his Dimensional Door he then continues his dash for the length of the Dimensional door except the effects are doubled and the slow becomes a stun.

E: Aaron punches an enemy or ally pushing them back in the direction of the punch(this ability deals X damage to enemies) If an enemy is pushed back into dimensional door it doubles the distance of the knockback

R: Aaron Creates a path through space in a line (lux range) that only effects the first champion it hits, If it hits an ally Aaron pulls the ally to his current location, if it hits an enemy that enemy is stunned for 1 second as Aaron rushes through space to him dealing X damage

Background: Aaron was known only as a homeless child on the street, stealing food to get by. After being caught by a guardsman the child punched the guard and the guardsman flew backwards off of him, when the guard got up in a daze the child was nowhere to be seen. After this incident people kept swearing that they would see him out of the corner of their eye and then all of the sudden some of their wares would be gone. The local homeless children began getting bigger and, and even they were beginning to disappear as guards attempted to apprehend them. Eventually to alleviate the city from this crime the entire lot of them were banned from the city. Now without even a society to survive on the scraps of the children started to deteriorate to their former sickly looking selves until one day a young teenage boy happened to appear out of nowhere in the offices of the league with one goal, to earn enough to keep his family alive, no matter the cost.