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Less-Than-Pro-Tip: Five Signs that You're About to be Bum-Rushed

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So you're in the lane, you've been harrassing your opponent like a pro, and you're thinking you've got this one in the bag. Any moment now, you'll get your first kill and start your inevitable snow ball to victory.

Then, something goes horribly wrong. Your opponent suddenly takes you fromn full health to almost nothing, you make a mad dash to your tower, blowing all your Summoner's Spells, and before you know it, you're looking at a grey screen, your team mates are screaming at you, and you've got the temptation to throw your keyboard out the nearest window.

So what happened? How did they manage to turn the tables so quickly? Chances are, they had something hidden up their sleeve that you missed. This might be something as simple as baiting you into minions, or all the more complex like having a team mate or two pop out of the jungle.

Here's five signs that your opponent might be up to no good... well, up to less good than just farming and eating your auto attacks.

1. Buffs, Bonuses, and Auras: Let's say you're up again a Sona and (insert AD carry here) duo on the bottom lane. You have about half health left, but you also have a good escape, and a strong partner. The next thing you know, there's this funny little design around the enemy (inser AD carry here).

This is your first warning that things are about to go horribly wrong. Supports like Sona have buffs they can apply to their allies. While this is common knowedge, it's also a good sign that they're about to come after you with both barrels. It's also a good idea to watch out for Debuffs applied to you. If you have two or three of Soraka's Starcall MR debuff on you, you can expect your opponents to capitalize on this.

So, what do you do? Well in short, the best thing to do is just back up a bit. This gets you closer to your tower, puts more minoins between you and them, and gives you a better escape option. At worst, you might lose a last hit or two, but you might also keep them from getting a kill... or two... or three if your jungle came running to help.

2. Abnormal Agression: New scenario: you're mid with as an AP carry, with loads of skill shots, and up against Karthus. Like the badass you are, you've been landing most of these and Karthus is down to half health. Rather than fall back (like someone with two eyeballs and basic mathmatic skills would) Karthus starts getting agressive.

Most likely, you're about half a second away from being ganked. Either their Jungler is about two steps away from shanking you, or one of the other lanes has gone roaming... or some horrible combination of the two. So, what do you do? Run. Don'y blow your escape, but get the hell away from Karthus, his minions, and the center of the lane.

Once you're out of imminent danger, check your mini-map. Aske your team mates if they've seen the jungler, or just get back to the Fountain to buy some goodies. (Like say, a Sight Ward)

3. Peculuar Passivism: Okay, let's reverse that last scenario. You're Karthus, you've got this Ezreal who's been beating the tar out of you for a solid five minutes. However, instead of being more agressive, he's backing off. Maybe you land a hit or two on him, and you're getting more and more minion kills. Ez let's you push his lane away from the tower. So, keep up the good work right?

Well... no. What Ez is most likely doing is baiting you. Remember, Ez doesn't need to be close to kill you, and he has a snowballing effect with his abilities and his Auto Attack. He could also be trying to get you out of position so his buddies can run in and gank. The solution: basically the same as #2. Back off, reassess the situation, and let Ez get flustered that you won't leave your tower.

4. Might be Missing:To the Top! Pretend you're a boss top laner. Fortune has smiled upon you and you're up against what many would call a no...novice Tryndamere. You're level 6 while he's just gotten to 5. You've gotten him down to just a little less than a third of his health, he's flustered, and he's out of position. Any second now, you can jump on him and score First Blood.

Becuase you've read this guide, you decide to take half a second to check your Mini-Map. Even though none of your team mates have called SS, or MIA, or I haven't seen the jackass I've been laning against, you notice that one lane is oddly vaccant. This is the moment when you have to make the incredibly frustrating decision, NOT to kill Tryn. The better thing to do in this situation, is to talk to your team. Find out how long their lanes have been empty. If it looks like you are all alone with Tryndamere, go kill him. But if there's a chance that one of his buddies is coming after you, it's time to back up.

Also, Buy wards. Don't rely on your team to call missing every single time their opponent is gone for two seconds. the reality is that they might miss their timing, or just forget. Rather than waste your time and energy raging, buy wards, and that way you are the gankER rather than the GankEE.

5.Not Just for Hippies: That's right it's a 60's reference. But not just concerning Health Potions. Check your opponents' inventory as often as possible. If you're an AD carry and you're putting out tons of damage, you might be tempted to jump after a squishy who's just returned to lane. However, as your champ starts wailing on your opponent, you happen to notice they have a shiny new piece of armor. Too late, you realize that you're not doing enough damage and get r... ripped to pieces.

But wait, you've read this Less-Than-Pro Tip, so you checked before you dove in, and saw the armor, and decided to play the patient, harrass-them-into-madness game. which is to say that you will do all of that.

Bonus Less-Than-Pro Tip: Proper Paranoia: Yes, that's right, Paranoia. If at any point, you feel that everything is going a little too well, most liekly it is. If you think you can take an enemy champ one on one with all things equal? That's ususally the moment when you learn that all things are not equal and promptly melt.

That's your Less-Than-Pro Tip, brought to you by TasteyBeeBurgers. Have a Less-Than-Pro Tip of your own? Do you have a Less-Than-Pro request? Post them here!