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Which LoL champion would make the best villain?

Swain 172 24.43%
Malzahar 183 25.99%
Mordekaiser 102 14.49%
Veigar 151 21.45%
Varus 7 0.99%
Other (explain in a post please) 89 12.64%
Voters 704 .

If you had to pick one champ to be THE LoL villain...

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The Illusionaryy

Senior Member


Veigar, he can suck up all of Demacia with a single black hole

Lux has hers. Lucent Singularity or however it was spelt.

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Fizz ln My Mouth



Veigar is evil, but he is more like team rocket. He isn't really that scary.

Malzahar on the other hand, or whatever is wearing him like a suit, is evil. He wants to bring the void into Valoran and even the Shadow isles folk want to stop him (Karthus actually has directly helped Kassadin stop Malzahar in the past). I think the void is the ultimate evil (at least so we've heard, sometimes it seems like Cho'gath thinks everyone else is evil, not the void).

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Bob the Hobo

Senior Member


Viktor. What's scarier than a mad scientist who turned himself into an early cyborg and wishes to do the same to everyone else, which also turns his victims into mindless followers? As for those listed:

Swain- As far as I can tell, Swain has never done anything outright evil, even though he is now leading Noxus. He strikes me as a powerful leader who is harboring a certain secret.

Malzahar- If Malzahar gets the Void unleashed onto Valorian before Viktor begins his "glorious evolution", then he would be bad guy #1, no denying that.

Mordekaiser- Doesn't strike me as someone who is out to conquer the world. I don't see anywhere in his lore any furher ambition from him. I'd say he is just a hulking, undead baddie, but not a world-destroying evil.

Veigar- A single mage who wants to destroy everyone. Considering the scale of his goal, I doubt he can truly conquer all of Valorian.

Varus- As far as I can tell, Varus doesn't spread the corruption as long as he is in control. Once he loses control, and if it is before Malzahar or Viktor enacts their plans, he would become the true evil.

A final thought: What if everyone with an overarching plan starts their plot at once? You can't really call any evil the big one until it starts winning >.< (not to say they aren't evil)

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Junior Member



He kill summoners and champions in their dreams and in the real world before they trap him and if he release.................