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Looking for an unranked team or duo partner.

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Junior Member


So I'm tired of solo queuing with a bunch of random people that do not have team coordination and wins are a random coin toss.

I'm looking for some people to do premade 5v5's with. Hell, I would even like just a partner to duo queue with, at least I have someone to communicate with and increase our odds of winning.

So far I've probably come across as an elitist *****, but I'm not. I just hate random half-assed flopping around in a game. I'd like to work together with some friends to better our skills and strategies. Later I would like to move on to ranked 5v5 matches.

Also, I am NOT interested in a clan, just a tight nit group, thanks.

If you are in need of a team or partner, please reply here or add me in-game!

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Grand Xerxes



hey Raafiq, go ahead and add me in game, I usually play weekdays from about 7-9 eastern time. weekends are kind of all over the place.