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Hearing Top Turret from Purple Team across the map?

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Zerg Hydralisk

Junior Member


I wasn't too sure if i was the only one experiencing this problem.
Last patch (previous to the one from today or 6/17/2012 patch), I could hear the top purple turret from my summoner platform (blue team). I thought that was annoying in a way, but then I played mundo as a jungler today, and I could hear the turret while I was in my red camp. More specifically the wraiths.

I don't hear any other fight or minions attacking each other or the turret, I just hear the turret hitting whatever. I could not check when exactly I could hear (meaning what the turret was hitting, such as champion, melee minion, caster minion, or siege(?) minion..)

Just wondering if this was something that people know about / is going to be fixed and etc.

I play on 1280x800 Resolution, Full Screen, All lowest settings, all sounds on.
If more info is needed, ask below.

Oh and since the new patch, my FPS dropped from around 24~30 to avg 15 or so. The previous patch really helped me out from avg 13 (team fight brought it down to 4) to avg 22.. but now its back down again?