Is Sunfire Shaco better than Ad Shaco ?

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i was playing a game last with shaco and the other team had also a shaco.After 15 minutes and 2 kills later i was in base with 1.9 k gold thinking what should i buy ???
i could get a bf sword, but then...ashe, urgot, urgot or the enemy shaco could rape me as soon as i appear. so i said what the hell... forget damage ! sunfire capes all the way

and we won... i had 27 kills or something and the enemy shaco had like 13 kills and i was thinking

is sunfire shaco better than ad shaco ?

or is ad shaco viable these days with all the nerfs ?

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Your Hallucination won't have the Sunfire aura anymore, so it's not really viable like it once was.

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sunfires still work with clone, every other aura and the GA no longer work.

as for which is better, lets put it this way, straight AD shaco is the worst of the 4 builds for him, AS mandreds build is still the best, followed by tank/sunfire shaco, then AP shaco, than AD.

reason, you have to be in melee range and your only good for about 1-2 hits since AD items are **** expensive, its far easier to just play AP and do the same damage with shiv from a distance without needing deceive. but AP lacks real sustained damage so sunfire and AS shaco win out as they deal damage till they die. and they deal lots of damage.