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Live Stream Charity Marathon JUNE 16th!!!

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Live Stream Charity Marathon (LSCM)

Starting Monday June 18th through the 22nd I will be a doing a 12 hour marathon for the listed charities. This marathon will start at 9:00am PST and will end at 9:00pm PST every day. The amount of total contributions made will be displayed daily on twitter, facebook, and LoL forums.

1 - Doctors without Borders – Every year, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) provides emergency medical care to millions of people caught in crises in more than 60 countries around the world. MSF provides assistance when catastrophic events — such as armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, or natural disasters — overwhelm local health systems. MSF also assists people who face discrimination or neglect from their local health systems or when populations are otherwise excluded from health care. http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org

2 - The Hunger Project – The Hunger Project is a global, non-profit, strategic organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. We work in 11 countries in Africa, South Asia and Latin America to develop effective, bottom-up strategies to end hunger and poverty.

3 - The Center for Victims of Torture – At the Center for Victims of Torture, we are forging new ways to advance human rights and build a future free from torture. Through research, training, advocacy and our healing services for survivors, each initiative we undertake plays a role in building a larger vision for the torture rehabilitation movement. We provide a bridge between survivors, the local community and society as a whole, working to restore the dignity of the human spirit one survivor at a time.

4 - Cancer Care – CancerCare provides free, professional support services to individuals, families, caregivers, and the bereaved to help them better cope with and manage the emotional and practical challenges arising from cancer. Our services include counseling and support groups, educational publications and workshops, and financial assistance. All of our services are provided by professional oncology social workers and are offered completely free of charge.

These are the four charities I choose to represent for this event. My goal is $2,000 a day with the idea of reaching a total of $10,000 for the whole LSCM. There will be a poll displayed at the start of the event and will end on the last day at 9:00pm PST followed by a tallied number of votes for each charity. Each charity will receive a percentage of the total donations based on their total percentage of votes. (example: each of the four charities got 25% votes each and all four will receive 25% of the total each)

For future charities you would like to see represented here send me a message on twitter or facebook.
There will be more charity events in the future.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/NightcideLSCM

Twitter - https://twitter.com/#!/NightcideLSCM

Donation options will be available at the start of the event.