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Fixing Ranked Algorithms.

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Ok, so there seems to be a problem with Ranked. I'm getting queued with people that i KNOW shouldn't be at that elo and i shouldn't be at my elo. I know i sound like i'm complaining, but there are about 1 in 20 games where i go negative in ranked... and the others i have a Score that you would say "oh he carried that game" and it says DEFEAT next to it in Match history. I know, everyone will say "You have to stop blaming others and start blaming yourself.", but quite frankly, i can't help my team enough; as ADC i would buy wards, help my team with problems there having say whether or not its a good decision to do something and what to do, but they just don't have the actuall potential, BUT SOME DO. There has to be someway to adjust this.

I think that if we tweak the algorithm to where its more of a "skill" kind of thing for SOLO queue. For example: We could have it to where the machine detects that my Statistics and compares it to people around my ELO and then it defers, based on if it's good or not, to be on my team. There should be, in my opinion, at least a 3:2 or 4:1 ratio of "Good Statistics" players : To Not so "good" as I. I've compared my skill level with that of players FAR above my elo (i.e 2,000 elo+) and have done good agaisnt them. (Help of clans and people i've met and known).

A way i would suggest, is having some sort of bot detect Elos, then the STATS of the ranked player. But also making it so that the lower Skill Level people go lower in elo until they get paired with people the same Skill Level. The Elo system is too far-fetched in my opinion. It needs some fine tuning to the ranges of 1250-1700. Everything else is mostly even.

I think it's unfair that riot has be mostly fine-tuned with the higher ELO players, but i KNOW i could be up there. Granted EVERYone has bad games once in a while. My opinions will help even out and promote new, unseen players to the higher elos and teams and maybe You (RIOT) will soon commentate on a game of them.

If you have any advice or suggestions, or comments, please post below, like or dislike this, and post your opinions too if you feel like it's a bit "weird" in ranked lately.

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