Shaco's Ult and Guardian Angel

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In a TT game today, I realized that Shaco's Ult can proc the effect on Guardian Angel. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but it seems like every time you use his Ult, it will proc instead of being on a 5 minute timer for the Ult-spawn. Also, the proc going off on your Ult-Spawn does not effect the proc working for Shaco himself. Sooo, his ult gets more than a 50% boost (50% HP and he gets to explode again).

I personally think this would be fine so long as the Ult can't proc it every time and is on a similar timer to the player themselves.

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Thanks for posting this! We'll check this out. We had to give him champion-like qualities so it wouldn't be too easy to discern the clone. It may have extended too far.