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[Pirate champion suggestion] : Harope, sailor of the Undersea

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I took a look at Jacques, The Maniacal Prankster!

To everyone : Don't hesitate to comment on Harope! I spent a bunch of hours on this guy, so any comment is appreciated!

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Than you for the feedback Veinhoff and i like Harope, his abilities are balanced and well thought out. Good Job.

Feedback from Thorkazil.

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Bumping for reviews/comments.

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Bump again

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Stats are balanced


Innate – Immortal Being:

- I like it but I don’t, I never liked Innates that only work upon death. (will outline some suggestions later on)


Q – Fire Trail: Harope leaves a trail of gunpowder in a lane, and then throws his lantern on the ground to ignite the gunpowder. Enemies caught in the path take 40/60/80/100/120 (+0.33 per ability power) magic damage per second and get a Burning Mark placed on them for 5 seconds. The fire trail will extinguish after 3 seconds.
Burning Mark reduces healing effects by 50%.
If enemies have a Bone Mark on them, they will be slowed by 20% for 3 seconds.
If enemies have a Saltwater Mark on them, the healing reduction will last 10 seconds instead of 5.

Maximum magic damage (over 3 seconds) : 120/180/240/300/360 (+1 AP)
Width : 80
Range : 2 times Harope's movement speed
Type : Active (the trail follows Harope movements)
Cooldown : 14/13/12/11/10 seconds
Cost : 40/45/50/55/60 mana

- Can you reactive the ability to start the ability early? (Such that if you don’t want to have to run twice Harope’s movement speed before you can damage the enemies).
- Damage feels a bit high (Singed’s poison deals 22/34/46/58/70 (+0.3 per ability) per second) (Rumble’s ultimate deals 100/140/180 (+0.2 per ability power) per second) could tone that down.
- The Saltwater Mark makes the healing reduction last too long (Where other champions can only reduce healing for 3-5 seconds). I think you can do better than what the current Saltwater Mark does.


W – Shield of My Bones: Harope creates a shield of bone that absorbs 50/100/150/200/250 (+0.5 per bonus attack damage). After 3 seconds the shield will explode dealing 30/50/70/90/110 (0.5 per bonus attack damage) physical damage to nearby enemies and applying a Bone mark on them for 5 seconds.
If enemies have a Burning Mark on them when the bone shield explodes will take 50% extra damage.
If enemies have a Saltwater Mark on them the bones will ricochet to nearby enemies (cannot occur more than once per Bone shield explosion) who will receive 50% of the damage.

Physical damage with Burning Mark : 45/75/105/135/165 (+0.75 per bonus AD)
Type : Active (on self)
Cooldown : 10 seconds after the shield expires
Range : self/300 (explosion)
Cost : 70/75/80/85/90 mana.

- Shield amount Is good
- Damage feels a bit low even with Burning Mark
- Damage could be increased as well as mana cost if you want


Saltwater Tempest (E): Harope invokes a powerful wave to push enemies back. Enemies within 75 units of the center of the lane are pushed back at the end of the wave, while enemies between 75 and 150 units of the center will be pushed aside the wave. Additionally, enemies that are pushed back will have their sight radius reduced by 300 and lose their ally vision while they are in the wave. Any enemy hit by the wave will get a Saltwater mark on them for 5 seconds.

If enemies have a Burning Mark on them while he got hit by the wave, he will receive 60/90/120/150/180 (+0.6 per bonus attack damage) physical damage over 3 seconds.
If enemies have a Bone mark on them, they will be stunned for 1.5 second after being pushed back or aside by the wave.

Type : Active (skillshot)
Cooldown : 30/25/20/15/10 seconds
Width : 300
Range : 625
Cost : 120 mana

- I feel you can add some damage to this ability without making it too strong.
- Cooldown increased by a bit. Perhaps from 30/25/20/15/10 to 30/26/22/18/14. (It is potentially an AOE knockback with a 1.5 second stun at the end.)


Phantom vessel (R):

- I really don’t feel this ultimate. I liked how the other skills played off the Marking system, but this ultimate didn’t really feel like it fit much in my opinion.

What I feel could be done:

- Replace his R with a modified version of his Innate – Immortal Being, where instead of only becoming a spirit upon death you can toggle his ultimate to shift between corporal and ethereal status. (similar to Nidalee's Cougar Form and Jayce's Weapon Swap)

- Corporal will use the same 3 abilities outlined above, but while he is ethereal he gains access to his 3 ghost skills.

- Could allow while he is ethereal to take and deal 50% less damage.

- Or you could let him take damage as normal and keep the portion from his innate where he deals additional magic damage.

- Another suggestion is you can make his Ethereal form cost health per second after a set duration to prevent it from being a permanent stance. (example Lasts 8 seconds and after that 2% Maximum health per additional second)


- I liked his Q,W,E; but disliked his Innate and R.
- Liked the Mark System
- Perhaps make it so each Mark does something different (example: His Burning Mark reduces healing received)
- I gave some suggestions on how I’d think Harope could be improved.
- Good Luck on Harope and I am looking forward to seeing how he evolves

And thank you for your feedback on Aegis, the Shieldsworn (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2301131)

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Yahtz :

Innate : I know that on-death ultimate are a bit tricky and not so good sometimes, but I think it's something innovating and original.
Q : You're right for the damage, it's a bit high, but the thing is : it scales with AP, and Harope doesn't fit with AP. Singed and Rumble can have good AP to boost the damage, and Singed can spam his poison, while Harope cannot. The range of the ability is the size of the power line, in fact (it works like Rumble's ultimate if you want). As for the saltwater mark, you're right, it isn't great, I'll try to rework that.
W : As it shields, I didn't want the damage to be too great, but maybe I could buff it a bit, with the consequent mana cost.
E : For the damage, I didn't want to put another damaging ability, or else you could roll your face on the keyboard to kill your enemy, which is not what I want. You CAN deal damage with E, but you'll need to put a Burning mark on your enemies first. As for the cooldown, I think you're right.
R : I must say that I really like the Phantom vessel ultimate, and most of the previous reviews seem to agree with me, so I'll let it that way, but thanks for the idea and for your opinion!

General : I'm taking your ideas and I will change some things on Harope. No problem for Aegis!

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Bigg Fuddgee

Senior Member


I hate typing out long butt things and then the page saying error and it deleting all of them.

Passive: its too long and way too op. Karthus not being able to move is why its not op. You can run away from him..You could easily die in team fight and take out all the carries....like wtf is that?

You have options. Change it to where the farther away he is from his skeleton the slower he goes
Change it to where he has to stay within a certain distance around his skeleton
Change it to yorick where they can kill it.

I understand he only does 30 magic damage...but you also have huge CC on your ghost and you can shove carries out of team fights like that. which isn't cool for the other team to take damage but cannot escape them or kill them.

your combos make this champion too complicated "do i want the fire one then the water on or maybe the skull one...maybe ill do the skull one then the water one.." like fast game play cannot allow this.... I would make it where there is only 3 combos....Fire +bone... Fire +water...Water+bone...And then make abilities for that.

Your ultimate does not clarify if it's a wall or not, i think it should be personally, I also think you should be able to dodge the shots by moving out of the way so on so forth. And maybe a range the ships can shoot.

your dead spells are kinda op....your fear is practically a 2nd ultimate....2.2 second fear....thats a long time that you can deal damage or just shove people outa the fight. And then a 3 second cool down slow... that lasts for 3 seconds...so your target runs away from you almost dead you slow him constantly till he dies...sounds fair....

You also do not tell if the ghost does on-hit effects...thats huge...Cause if i'm smart and i want to deal damage i would just get ionic spark, madreds, wits, phantom, and and Magic pen. You do insane damage even though your dead and your attacks only do 30 damage but now, you deal percentage health, 250 damage every 4 hits and magic damage every hit and all of it does magic damage....Suddenly your an AP dealing champion....woot....

You have some fixes but its still good +1

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Innate : Your basic attack would deal 100 magic damage if you have 200 AD at level 18, so it's really not a burst. As for the abilities, there's only one damaging ability (I'll take a look at the damage). Still, your idea about reducing his movement speed while he's far from his skeleton is nice.

I know he's a bit hard to play, but that's the goal. I wanted to make a powerful champion requiring good gameplay and strategy. If you want to do the best combo all the time, you'll need to be very strong.

As for the ultimate, I'll clarify that it is a wall, and the ship range is 1000.

2.2 second fear if you are REALLY close only, as 301 range won't do any fear effect. On-hit won't work in spirit form.

Thanks for the review!

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Senior Member


Base Stats

Health is pretty high low level, but he gets somewhat squishier over time. Mana seems fine to me. Damage too, though it's on the low side for the level increase. As a note, you don't gain flat Attack Speed per level, you gain a percentage between 1 and 3.85%. This stacks additively(don't know if that's a word or not), so if you had a 1% increase, at 18th level, your attack speed, not counting items or abilities, would be 18% higher than it was at level 1. Anyway. Armor is pretty high at first level, and about average per level. Magic Resist is fine. Health and Mana Regen seem okay, though the bonus per level is very different than what the base is; usually the bonus per level is about a tenth of the base, or so. Movement Speed and range are fine. Moving on.

Passive - Immortal Being

Before I go any further, I must scol- I mean, inform you...>_>...that this is a very uncreative name. Couldn't you call it something like, I don't know, Thirst for Vengeance? Since apparently that's why he came back? Anyway. On to the ability itself. It's fine, except for one thing...the duration is too long. If you can autoattack and use abilities, and move, then perhap 4/5/6 would be a better duration. Not 5/7/9. Wait, he can't be targeted? Then 3/4/5 would be best.

Q Ability - Fire Trail

Not much to say, thankfully. Cost and cooldown are a bit too low, but other than that, seems fine.

Q Ability - Frightful Presence
Does he have to activate or does it activate automatically? And I assume he can only use it once, once he's in spirit form, and then he has to die again to use it again? If so, seems perfectly fine. Using it should also put your Q on cooldown when you revive. A little thing but important.

W Ability - Bone Shield

Cooldown is too low. Range for the explosion is too high. Other than that, seems fine.

W Ability - Aura of Vengeance

Seems okay, though the max magic damage would really be 75/150/225/300/375 (+1.67 AP), since it can last up to 5 seconds. The AoE is far too large though, for the damage, since it makes your spirit form last longer. As well, it should put your W on cooldown when you revive, if you use it.

E Ability - Saltwater Tempest

The sight radius reduction is too high. Cost needs to increase with level. Cooldown decreases too much per level; 3 secs would be fine per level, but not 4. As well, the stun is a bit too long; 1 second would be fine.

E Ability - Numbing Eye

NO. Nononononononononononono. You can't have slow percentage scale with ANYTHING but level. At this point, if he had 700 bonus AD(unlikely, but just stick with me), he would slow people by 110%. NO. Instead, increase the flat slow. 30/35/40/45/50 would be fine. But for 2.2/2.4/2.6/2.8/3 seconds. That's a while, really...jeez...anyway...

R Ability - Phantom Vessel

Okay...so basically, this thing can do up to, theoretically, 20.0 AD + 2000 damage? And practically, 20.0 AD + 1000 damage. With a range larger than most turrets. That's a bit much. I suggest having 2 cannons on each side, with an Attack Speed of 0.500/0.600/0.700, and an Attack Damage of 35/50/65 (+.5 bonus AD). Marked enemies should receive an additional 15/50/85 damage from the cannonball, and then the mark is gone. And it lasts for 8 seconds, not 10. And the cooldown is higher, and decreases with level, while the mana cost increases with level. AND, finally, the range could be about 700, not 1000. And done. Phew.


Seems like a nice concept, and it's balanced most of the time. Just not on the cooldowns and ranges, mostly.