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[Guide] Kayle, the Judicator: Tank/Support

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Has anyone tried her with a dps build? I have played some pretty beast games with her while having a Frozen Mallet/Phantom Dancer/Infinite Edge. She is pretty much a monster once I get my Infinite Edge. I always have one of my buds I play with get a Starks, but that is just overkill.

She has tons of slows, and when her slow is on CD the Frozen Mallet piled on the ranged attack is deadly. Plus her already increased attack speed piled on the haste she can dish out be utilized very well together.

Just a suggestion.

every melee champion is strong with infinite so...

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The Real Pope

Junior Member


Awesome guide, a lot of information and input. The spacing between the different parts could do with a bit of work, but a very good guide all in all.

I'm a newfound believer in the awesomness of Kayle. For starters, she's usually an underappreciated and frequently undervalued champion, which makes for terrific mind games. I play an AP build with her, running with red magic pen., blue/yellow/quints with mana regen. For masteries I go with a major in utility, concentrating on mana regen and cd reduction., with the rest in the offensive tree to get imp ignite. Yes, I use ignite on Kayle. That and teleport.

I usually call for mid solo right away, fighting with tooth and nail to get it against a usually sceptic team. "I'd rather not have a support in mid" or "lol kayle solo mid noob" or "OMGTHEPOPEPLAYSLOL!!!1!". She is a tank, don't get me wrong, but a very different type of tank. I don't spend a single piece of gold in what could be considered a tanky item. No warmog's, no banshee's veil, no force of nature. I start with a meki pendant and 2 hp pots and head out to mid with one point in reckoning. Whatever champion is waiting for me on the other side of the river, I know I have beaten it. I usually open hostilities right away if I have the chance, before the minions even spawn. Reckoning and ignite as soon as possible so i get him at half hp and gain +10 AP. Reckoning as a great ratio with ap. At this point the enemy is usually emboldened by the fact that I already used ignite and that my champ can't do a lot more damage. They are obviously wrong. By the time that they try to counter attack I am already launching another reckoning on them and a few auto attacks if they get close. If they don't die trying to run, they'll have been successfully beat and are now gimped for the rest of the match. I haven't played a single champ that can dominate mid like she can. I've fought ryzes to no end, as well as annies and cho gath's, silly little trynds and ashes. I've put little teemos to shame and heimerdingers crying because their towers despawn when they die and offer little confort.

Please note that I consider my opponent is beaten when he doesn't do anything for the rest of the game because of the way I've been treating him. Every champion needs to farm creeps to be of any use and I simply don't allow enemy farming on my lane.

I procceed to buy a chalice, usually merc threads and a mejai's spellstealer. This is the core of the build. With the ranged attacks that do aoe damage, you're usually assured a very good number of assists and, in my experience, a whole lot of kills too. I feed my soulstealer as much as I possibly can, trying to be there when my team is ganking. I farm as much as I can to buy a zhonya's. Once this beauty is complete, Kayle is trully a force to be reckoned with. Usually, we either win the game at this point because the other team's precious carry's balls are severelly damaged by a giant sword shaped object or they surrender. When they see that the mid player is getting a whole lot of hurt, one or two champions usually come to help him. They don't come prepared for the world of pain that kayle can dish out and mitigate at the same time. A ryze powers up his ult and comes screaming at me. I activate my ult as soon as he puts me in the prison. He eats sword and a red hadoken. Maybe two.

Later in the game, when your health seems to be ever decreasing because of the damage that your gimped enemies are finnally starting to put forth, you start to notice that your heal is also getting a lot stronger. Suddenly, that ****py heal is restoring about 400-500 a pop. And that pop is on a reasonably low cooldown. I initiate fights as I can, I save a lot of people from dying which gimps the enemy team further and I send people screaming to the other end of the map because my light burns. IT BURRRNZ!

If the game ever goes past that zhonya's, I usually get a lichbane to seal the deal.

I take reckoning whenever I can, same as intervention, then max the heal and let righteous fury for last, taking a point in it somewhere at lvl 4 or 8, depending.

Well, i guess what i really wanna say is that Kayle fullfils the role of tank in that she calls a lot of attention due to her high damage output and ability to save herself and others. Also, because people tend to think that she is a tank, they are usually a little iffy about focusing her. This makes for a lot of wonderful reactions when she appears. Some run, some charge in. It's quite amusing.

Just my forty five or so cents.

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The Dizzle



I've been playing Kayle a lot lately and go a hybrid tank/dps role, which has proven to be very effective.

Start out with Regrowth and build up to a warmogs first. Get level 1 boots when you can, after warmogs turn them into berserker's greaves. Get an atma's impaler. Get a frozen mallet. By this time your base damage is over 200 and you have 4k+ hp and are a beast. The last two items are really game dependent...if they have lots of physical damage get a phantom dancer. If they have lots of magic users get a banshees veil or a wit's end. Get a bloodthirster for some lifesteal and you have a walking metal death machine.