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Hello everyone... Lets cut to the chase.

I use Game Maker to make RPG like games and I've been working on some league related games.

I had this sudden urge too make champions to display how their skills work for you intellectual group of people.

Obviously, first come first serve. In order of comments with the link to their champion that is wanting to be created.

Id like to mention that this will be a 2D MAZE GAME and may have terrible quality sprites. But the point is to display the skills. Most of the sprites are from RPG Maker.

NOTE: Skills that are similar to Blitzcrank's Grab, Amumu's Pull, Kha'Zix's Jump, Tristana's Jump, will be very difficult to display but it'll be my job to work it out for you.

Thank you very much for reading, have a nice day.

[I will be posting the following games with the champion names below here.]
[I will also upload a demo of Veigar in game maker to display how it would look.]

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Are you still doing this? This sounds pretty sick.

If so I can give you a suggestion: How about a simple champion, like Shen?

There's not much to him- tanking (setting HP to a high value), Dashing forward and "taunting" enemies, putting shields on others and teleporting him.

If you want a custom champ, I don't have a name for him, but a guy with an ice theme- glacial armor, icicle spear, and a snow-based magic attack of sorts- sorta like Anivia's spells mixed with Leona's tanking ability and Jarvan's basic attacks might be kinda cool.

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aight, I'll bite. This sounds pretty freaking cool

so you want us to post concepts for you to try and make, do you want us to suggest pre-existing champs, or do you want us to suggest potential themes for champs that you would then come up with the abilities?

EDIT: wait, is this a necro? oh ****, it seems like it. My bad