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RGO Lan Centers Looking For Competition !!!

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RGO Lan Centers



Hello and thanks for paying a visit to this thread. RGO Lan Centers is an internet gaming center located in Tracy, California. Most of our customers and gaming fanatics play this free and fun game, League of Legends, and we as a Lan Center have decided to extend an invitation and a challenge to anyone in the Central Valley area of California.

The challenge? Come and test your skills against RGO Lan Center's top team. To those who can defeat them, they will win $125.00 (each member getting $25 a piece). All participants must be at RGO Lan Centers to compete.

Games will be Captain's mode games, and heroes are selective. Banning is a 1-2-2-1 format, and champion select is also chosen as a 1-2-2-2-2-1 format. Masteries and rune pages are allowed, and your own accounts will be used for play.

More information and updates will be posted soon.

Give us an email with any questions, or pay us a visit via facebook !
Email - [email]rigo@rgoutpost.com[/email]
Facebook - facebook.com/rgoutpost

RGO Lan Centers
110 10th Street
Tracy, California 95376