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Trouble carrying as Irelia

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When you want to harass in lane:

q onto low minion beside enemy champ
immediately turn on w and e on the enemy champ,
auto attack twice (or once, depending on range)
walk out as a winner!

During team fights, q onto their highest threat and turn on w with e right on them. auto, then ulti. (basically, throw everything that you have)

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Honestly irelia cant carry, she doesnt have the dmg output to carry a whole team. Shes not a team fighter. Which is why she is classified as an assassin, she gets in takes out the carries and gets out till her CD's come back. And to people who think assassins have to burst, they dont. Katarina doesnt burst down. Her damage requires a bit of team fight sustain. Talon and fizz are really only ones who can really burst down two or three champs then get out without a scratch. Trust me riot named them assassins for an explicit purpose, considering they know more about the champs then you ever will.