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Buddy lists fail to refresh

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Buddy list fails to update after a game, that is a buddies status no longer changes

For example, say a persons status before i start the game is online, after the game it will still show them as online, EVEN after they've logged off. Another odd error with this is that it also wont show people come online either. I think the packets are being lost for the buddy system or something. I'm also concerned that this not only happens AFTER a game, but also before a game as i restarted pvp.net to fix the problem and it said all my buddies were offline, even though i know 3 ppl are online (since 1 is my bro and he's right next to me) :P.

Steps To Reproduce
1.Start a game
2.Finish said game
3. Your buddy list will no longer update

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Associate Producer


Thanks for the post! We're currently looking into this issue. Hopefully we'll isolate it soon.