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Sivir idea

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have not tested but i think itll be gfg.

zerk boots
blood thirster
last whisper
infinity edge
(pref.) if a mage is your problem get MR dps hurts get Armor and u get the point..game should be over almost anyway.
total cost : 12,445
30% crit
hitting for 302 [2.28 times a second (with special it'll be 2.5 max)] 689 per second(755) - their 60% armor for damage reduction(only 60% due to last whisper)

play her the same why you always would just farm and harass like crazy and get items in that order

mid game you should have 40% life steal and never have to leave the field. ganking will be hard so you should rarely die. this will make her a great pusher/dps/tank which is really odd... but rad...

and no bouncing blade doesnt steal life to my knowledge but you hit so fast that even if they're doing the same damage as you its very highly doubted that they're near as fast or will get the items as fast as you do...

lmk ideas or why you dont think certain things should be there

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sivir usually starts with a meki pendant. it goes well on her.
if you cross out malady, rest is fine. i like starks instead of malady though, starks has a really great team aura. and it should go after last whisper.
sivir is a great carry but she will die with the build you gave her. if a good team targets her, she will go down fast.

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Shemsu Hor

Senior Member


the diff of the 2 are 5 ias and 5 life steal. but its 600 gold diff.......
and i expect her to be flamed by the whole team. ill be bait. she has a spell block and id be stealing around 300 life a second so itd take at least 15 seconds which enough for my whole team to dominate a building.