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Clan Omnipotence-Looking For New Members

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Clan Omnipotence is now recruiting new members.

If your looking for a place to get serious about League of Legends and to become better then take our clan into consideration as this just might be the place for you.

We prefer members 25+ who are well on their way to 30 that are SKILLED and/or have a high potential to become better ie. Dota or HON players.

If you would like to join please go to the ingame chat channel
and stay in there and an admin will find you and try you out or

go to our website and hit the Join Now tab at the top, fill out an application (Preferred as you will be required to register either way)

We are a very active and competitive clan looking to get our name out in the community. We are quickly growing as a community so join now if you would like to become part of something pretty special.

*** We DO have vent, livestream, and member forums available to our members!