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Tips for Phoenix Jungle Udyr.

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Sabin Blitz

Junior Member


I've recently bought Udyr. He's very fun, just having problems ganking. Movement speed quints good for him? Also what marks would be best, I use AS but I read that some people like to use MPen. Any tips or help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Senior Member


i use AS everything except armr yellows
78% win rate udyr.

AS works so well with udyr's passive, that's why i don't bother with any other runes. you can make up for what you lack in items as udyr is a bruiser who should be itemising for resistances anyway.

having op AS early on gives you insane speed in the jungle, only slightly slower than shyvanna or mundo, and much faster than leesin. you want the early speed because it allows you to counter jungle SAFER - there are too many times when i've died in the enemy jungle because i decided to stick around for 1s extra - literally. so the extra AS is not to be undervalued. extra AS allows you to solo dragon at lvl 6 when u have wriggles and can alternate between tiger and turtle. i wouldn't recommend soloing the dragon without a pink ward. AS = cc when you gank with red buff, as a 31% AS boost translates to 31% extra slow on the enemy.

i forgot to mention - for the first clear in the jungle AS = hp, as the faster you clear the camps, the less dmg you'll take. with AS runes, you can start boots pots or boots ward, and still clear camps safely. being able to start boots pot/ward gives you so much versatility in your pathing for the initial clear

needless to say - i'm a big fan of AS on udyr

forgot to mention - 21 9 0, smite flash
21 pts in AD - for the AS and some extra dmg, but i value the extra AS the most
9 pts focus on armr and that thing that returns dmg to creeps to clear waves faster
smite - anyone who jungles without smite belong at 500 elo. i've been there, had a look, it's sad, i gtfo of that elo range with udyr - udyr hard carries at 500 elo. atm i'm 1k elo and climbing
flash - i prefer flash over ghost because udyr's biggest weakness is getting kited. ghost does not remove that weakness, esp against slows.. slows are udyr's worst enemy. flash negates this weakness. a good flash will secure kills, allows you to bear important targets in team fights, be a boss

to answer your question about ganking - i wouldn't gank with udyr before lvl 4 unless exceptional circumstance - eg - enemy is almost dead and is sure kill if you gank. even so, i wouldn't gank without bear. if you lvl 2 gank, it better be a sure kill cos getting stuck with bear pheonix in the jungle is alot weaker than turtle pheonix at lvl 2.

so at lvl 4, you should be double buffed, at least 80% hp (if not you haven't been using your passive correctly and you've been taking too much from jungle), have 1 turtle, 1 bear, 2 pheonix. you are now ready to gank - time to check out stonewall008's guides and just watch his ganks and you'll get better.

you want to pick a lane that is overextended beyond the river - if all 3 lanes are pushed to enemy tower, instead of ganking, you have other options:
1. your jungle should spawn soon, continue farming your jungle
2. venture into enemy jungle and counter jungle if their camps happen to be up. even if you find their camps down, just being there to see their camp is down gives valuable information on the whereabouts of the enemy jungler
3. attempt to counter gank by guessing where the enemy jungler will gank next. this is rather advanced guess work
4. the most reliable option - go home and buy something nice. after the first clear, you should have enough to buy cloth armr and a pot or ward.

say you've found a nice lane to gank - enemy is over extended, there's plenty of room to chase them down and hit them with your red buff.

before you approach the lane - some things you should do
1. is the lane warded? click the enemy champ you're about to gank and look at his items. if he's gone back to buy, and there's a gap in his items, he's most likely warded. if you see a ward on him.. chances are he hasn't warded, but there's always a chance he's placed a ward, and has a second one still in inventory. in any case, if enemy is warded, you'll have to guess where he's warded, and walk the long way around that. if possible, try a brush gank
2. if the lane isn't warded, pick an approach you think is best. when you approach, hit turtle.. and as you begin to charge at the enemy, hit bear - don't bear too early because you want to keep your passive up when you pheonix them in the face. the turtle bear pheonix combo ensures you'll get max stacks on your passive when you start waling on them. if they don't die immediately, don't forget to alternate between bear and pheonix as you chase- not only for the movement spd and stun, but also to keep your passive up. for this reason, you need enough mana for about 7 spells for the full combo to work. if you don't have enough mana, but still think it's a good gank, just bear into them and pheonix, and activate your spells less often. you'll still get the fully stacked passive, but at less mana cost.

playing udyr is all about managing your passive