The Adventures of Rammus and Ziggs

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The adventures Of Rammus and Ziggs:
Chpt 1 "Sled Rammus"
"Hey Rammus," a came a familiarly mischevious voice from behind him, "I have been'sa 'bout you come with me to Piltovers Snow Down Festival." Rammus looked at Ziggs rasing an eyebrow, although Ziggs couldn't see it for the shadows his shell cast upon the armadillo's face. "Oh don't make me beg!!! I really need someone to come with me and assist me... no on else will accept! Please Come!" the small yordle begged giving Rammus his best puppy dog eyes. "....Okay..." Rammus mumbled. "Meet me at the gates of the institute of war tommorow, 5:00 AM sharp," the yordle yelled as he walked off into the distance. Rammus went back to his dormitory to pack, although he had no idea what he was packing for. So he grabbed a large sachel and stuffed a few band aids, two bottles of water, and 7 apples in the bag. He really liked apples. A lot. He then added a fire extinguisher (Ziggs had a tendancy to blow things up), and a gag because Ziggs never shuts up. He was prepared.

It was still chilly, and the sun was just starting to rise. Rammus stood leaning against the gates, his satchel strap strung across his chest and shoulder. He checked the giant sun dial in the Institutes court yard. It was 5:00 AM, but Ziggs was still no where to be seen. 10 minutes later out of no where came Ziggs. In one hand he held a bulging sack. And in the other he held box upon box, balancing them by letting them lean against his body. Ziggs somehow saw around the tower of boxes and ran as fast as he could to Rammus, somehow managing not to drop anything. Ziggs let go of the sacks and lowered the boxes to the ground. "Wait right here! I will be back!" The yordle boomed as he ran off. He came back with a back pack attached to him. "Here you go Ram," Ziggs said as he handed a harness to Rammus. The harness was attached to a nylon cable that was attached to another harness, a yordle sized harness. The yordle tied the sack to the back pack and then shoved the boxes into the back pack. He then slid on his harness and adjusted the straps. Rammus already had his on when Ziggs looked up. "Okay, on the count of three start rolling. "Okay," Rammus replied. "1.2.3!" And with that rammus was off. Before Ziggs almost went face first into Rammus' spikey shell he pulled a string on the back pack and out of it came a parachute. Ziggs definitley knew how to make things fun. Because when the parachute came out, the boxes came out with it. Half way from hitting the ground the boxes exploded in an array of multiple colors. Rammus could hear the sound but he didn't look back to see it. Ziggs smile reached from one end to the other as he looked at the ground below him. He had very good eyesight and noticed what looked like Kayle being slingshotted by Zac and Twitch. "What the? I don't even wanna know..." he mumbled to himself.