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Which support should I get?

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Chaos Rose Stein



Hey guys,
I'm, currently looking for a new support champion to play. I've had my eye on Sona for a while, but I also like the look of Alister.
Would anyone be able to provide suggestions as to which support I should get?
I like being in team fights and actually helping rather then sitting behind and just healing or whatever, in case that helps..

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Senior Member


Alistar initiates very well, and plays very offensively in lane.

Sona doesn't initiate, but brings a huge CC once the fight starts. She kinda just pokes in lane.

Taric fairly fun in teamfights. Nothing is better than running right into the team, shattering, ulting, and just watching all the stats change.

Nunu can also contribute very well, but I really feel like he only has two carries I can justify him for. Vayne and Kog.

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Crox Rava

Junior Member


I've had great fun with Sona for a while now. While she doesn't contribute a ton of raw damage to a fight, she is able to debuff and slow with her passive as well as that sweet sweet ult of hers. Combine that with clutch activated items like Shurelia's and your team will be loving you.