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Can't connect or reconnect....

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Eon Icefire

Senior Member


I am at 7 attempts and counting on trying to reconnect to a game of mine that is in all likelihood probably almost done by now, likely a surrender on my team.
Why is that after a client restart, and 6 attempts to reconnect in addition to the original connect attempt...I cannot join my game? 67% stops, 97%, 97 or 98%, 99%, and then always in the 90 something %'s when it freezes. I cannot tell what because now without fail it does that annoying bug where if you go borderless windowed, and you're running dual monitors, it'll go halfway down the monitor and in the middle of the two, so half on the left monitor and half on the right, with the bottom half cut off. Why is it I cannot reconnect to my game...? I just had a game an hour or so earlier today with only one other recurring problem, where f1, escape, and selecting/using skills will not work until I close the client and reconnect.

So pretty much now I can't connect to games, and I'm still getting two recurring bugs that I've seen no fixes or information on...It's lovely :/ I swear if I get banned/warned/reported for this game, I will be pissed. Having my loading bar freeze 7 times or more and not finish is annoying.

EDIT - Aaaand now I get a 'game is no longer running please feel free to pick a new game.' message....fantastic. I love it. I'm done with league for the day now it seems; Not going to deal with this **** :/ And it has been counted as a defeat in my history, not a leave or anything...Just fantastic...