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Webpage database bugs

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- Shaco and Heimerdinger aren't on the champion look-up page
- Champion database doesn't show attack damage or attack speed
- Prices of items on champion pages and in the item database shows just the combine cost. It should show the total cost.
- On a champion's page, you should be able to click on the recommended items and see their recipe like on the item database page. Alternatively, it should take you to the item database with that item opened.
- Runes appear in a seemingly random order on the rune database. The order doesn't even match between levels of the same rune type.
- Marks of Elusion have weird/wrong icons.

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Thanks for posting these, ryani! I believe most of the information on the website is due for an update. That should be occurring some point in the near future, but keep posting anything you find as some can get overlooked.