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Best AD

Vayne 81 28.93%
Cait 34 12.14%
Corki 41 14.64%
Graves 71 25.36%
Ezreal 52 18.57%
Kayle 7 2.5%
Sivir 11 3.93%
Ashe 41 14.64%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 280 .

Best AD Carry?

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In this order I choose
1. Ezreal, the jukes he can pull, with E+flash
2. Tristina, cause of her range is stupidly awesome
3. Corki, cause of his ultimate is the best poke at turrets

You realize Ezreal Q does roughly the same damage as Corki ult, at a slightly lower range, and it's physical damage? The only thing Corki's ult has is the big one - Ezreal can even get AOE on his Q.

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I haven't lost a ranked game as adc, the most over powered that I have found is believe it or not Corki, AOE armor shred and burst, you build a trinity force and proc it with your ulti and then nuke crit anyone that you want, his escape is amazing with its range and the extra 10% damage as true damage makes a huge difference.