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Graphics Card Help

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I wanted to upgrade my graphics card so I can play LoL and other games(d3,sc2) at better quality. I HAVE NO IDEA whats makes a graphics card "good" I have a Dell Inspiron 530(NOT the slim) apparently I have a PCI express x16 slot avail. My power supply is 300w and I probably would need a larger one i know. Other specs for my computer are:
- windows 7 (not sure if that matters)
- intel pent. dual cpu e2160 @ 1.8 Ghz
- 2 GB RAM
I really dont know what other information might be needed or even if this information is. I just want to run LoL on high quality without lag and the other games I mentioned on a mediumish quality. Between the PSU(if needed) and card id like to spend around $75-125
Please help =(

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Check out the full reviews of any card you find interesting for benchmarks and stuff. Probably any card there can run LoL without breaking a sweat. About D3 and SC2, it largely depends on resolution, but I think a 100$~ card could push decent framerates at medium settings.

If I had to recommend you a card, I'd say the radeon 7750. You won't need a new PSU with that one, assuming your PSU is good quality and can actually push the 300w it's rated at.