I am Getting Restrictions While Not Typing.

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Can I please get help from some sort of Riot employee? I have been given over 170 chat restrictions back to back so far and the past forty+ have been unjustified. Actually, most of them have been unjustified as I have not been getting reported or misbehaving in game.

I have been constantly getting ignored by all Riot employees. Every time I make a ticket, they respond by giving me the same message that actually does not apply to my case and then dismissing me.

I have not been typing in my games whatsoever yet I keep getting chat restrictions when my current restriction is almost done.

To clarify, I am literally not typing in any of my games and the chat restriction does not leave. There is no possibility for me to get more chat restrictions and yet I still get a set of chat restrictions when my current one is almost up. Riot does not have a number I can contact them at so I don't see another way.

Can an employee provide help? Is there any way to get this thread to reach them? This has become absolutely ridiculous and I've been patient for far too long.