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Nasus -- Correctly Played (build and guide)

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Zero Control:
Nashors is a great item, but I agonize over it on Nasus because he just doesnt need that 55 ap, its such a waste. However i love speed, cooldown, and mana so its not all bad.

I think that my starks is enough speed, and I want defense, so frozen heart and soul shroud is great D, and all your cooldowns.

You could always stack Brutalizers. Probably one of the best DPS items in the game and gives plenty of benefit.


Apparently brutalizers are unique passive for god knows what reasons. My fault.

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I play Nasus sometimes and I agree that AP items aren't all that useful except for sheen/triforce (I'm a convert ). Catalyst can be made into Banshee's Veil, you don't have to force yourself to get RoA.

Warmong's can be considered because you can probably level it faster than most tanks with spiritfire. Additional HP while the enemy pounds on you when you're stunned helps.

I think Nasus as a tank can forgo some hp items and armor/MR just because of his ult and his innate lifesteal. The lifesteal is damage mitigation by itself, stacking damage/attack speed would help.

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Maverick Renegade

Senior Member


To address some of the comments in the thread:

1) Catalyst the Protector is an incredible early-game item. It will keep you in the lane and in the fight with the instant mana regen and heal upon leveling. I underestimated it before, then someone in the other major Nasus thread recommended it over the Chalice I was using. I tried it, and fell in love. Chalice is certainly a viable option instead. I personally prefer Catalyst, especially because I can quickly turn it into a Banshee's at level 18 without losing any benefit instead of selling it as you would a Chalice late game. I find that I'm able to spam SF just fine with Sapphire Crystal until I have enough money for the Catalyst.

2) Stark's is an incredible item, but NOT for Nasus. I get it every single time on every melee dps I play, except him. The armor pen is great, but he has no use for the regen, and he wants attack damage and crit much more than attack speed. For Nasus, Trinity Force and Infinity Edge are so good (because of how they synergize with SS) that you need to rush those before buying something like LW or Stark's. Those are great items for physical damage, but just aren't good fits for Nasus.

3) You can no longer stack Brutalizers, sadly. Though it's a great item for him, I personally prefer the 20% cooldown reduction for a similar price from Glacial Shroud. To become an offensive powerhouse, you just need TF and IE. After that, get a Glacial Shroud then make some defensive items (Banshee's, Frozen Heart, and Guardian Angel are my preferred picks here, especailly since I already have some of the components).

I'm still using my build from the second post of this thread, and still loving it.

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Senior Member


I am also sure brutalizers do not stack from playing Kat.

It's easy enough to test.

Anyway, I noticed when trying this build that if I do trinity force earlier it makes me MUCH MUCH better, and with SF maxed early farming the gold necessary is a breeze.

Just thought I'd pass that along, the item order should really depend on your playstyle.