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10/30 Hotfix Release Notes

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ok I don't really know if this qualifies as an issue with anyone, but has anyone else noticed that if you use rylais scepter with someone like heimer or tristana you can get the slowdown effect on enemy heros without actually sticking the spell.

What I mean is that if you put the scepter on heimer and then try and roll a grenade on someone, so long as your in range and you click on the enemy hero, as soon as you click, boom, slowdown effect. Even if the grenade doesnt touch them. Not complaining here just wondering how people might feel about this.

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possibly related, after this hotfix went live i have had 2 games in which part way through the game, about 90% of animations stop to display. The most common effect to not display was CM's pick a card, casting it would not display effects above his head. Additional spells that would not animate that i saw was veigar's dark matter and event horizon, kayles ultimate and rammus's tremors come to mind, but im sure there were more. This has happened to me in 2 games out of about 5 since the reset and small download, both games had twisted fate in, who seemed to cause the problem with his pick a card ability

I had this problem about a week before the patch with Hiemer dinger. his grenade did not display for the entire game (did display for the first 3 minutes of gameplay). so i would say this problem was there before hand (possibly enhanced by the patch). twisted fate was present in that game as well.