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Need help fixing 2 In-Game Problems.

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Is there anyway to set the controls back to using q, w, e, or r, and then click the mouse to cast? I've tried everything I can think of in Key Binding, but all that happens is the area lights up (circle for the spell range, or line for skill shot), I click, and nothing happens. The only way the game will even let me cast a spell is smartcasting. I've tried it several times, and I just don't like smartcasting all that much. I'm hoping there is a way to bring the controls back to how they were, so I can enjoy the gameplay again.

Also, is anyone having this problem? When I hit b, the teleport back to base starts. If I click on the store to quickly get my items, my champion starts running back towards the base, even if I had hit b. I haven't had this problem before the last patch, and I was wondering if any of you other players have been experiencing this.

If anyone has a fix for either of these, I would be grateful. Thanks for your patience.