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Searching for a Clan to join

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Hi i'm Blackfeather. I play lol from 7 months and more. Have more than 400 wins (if that interests you). Used to play in full premades with some players, but it has always been occasional (we just play as friends). Now i feel in need of a clan that can support me, in normal and ranked play so that i can grow up more as a player. I can play many champs (mostly i'm specced on casters)

Kassadin (main), Nunu, Fiddlestick, Kyle, Taric, Veigar, Zilean, Sion, Nasus

I play more champions ofc but these are those that i can use really better. I can use the other champs on an Medium level

The problem i have is that i'm from europe (GMT+1) so just to let you know my aviability.

Thanks for your attention

- Blackfeather -

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global gaming community is currently looking for new members, if you are interested, we have ventrilo and a website.

vent ip : newyork.maxfrag.com
vent port: 3794
Website: http://ggamingcommunity.forummotion.com/forum.htm