Lunari in Freljord

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For those who don't feel like reading all this, there's a TL;DR at the bottom

I'm not entirely sure if this has been brought up before in the forums, but if it has, I'll just throw in my opinion. I've also thrown in all four of Tryndamere's lores together when I thought about this.

I think there are Lunari in Freljord. I didn't have much to back this up when I first had this thought since this idea started when I was in art class writing until the teacher came in. I still feel like I don't have enough to back this thought, but at least I can put some sense to it.

I've looked at the map of Valoran and I've read some lores. The stories that really started this idea were from Diana, Tryndamere, and Aatrox's. I think they're all related in this.

Starting with Tryndamere's, I've read his beta and release lore. They state him as being in Fyrone Flats and I've come across that the Fyrone Flats are close to Mount Targon. His tribe was killed by Noxians and the reason he survived was by hiding underneath his parents' corpses.

Enter Diana. Her lore brings to light that Mount Targon held Lunari. The reason they were never revealed until recently -I want to believe- is that the Solari had committed a sort of genocide against them. They burned any Lunari texts and destroyed any relics they could find afterward. They wanted the Sun to be the only god in their culture. The Lunari that lived through the genocide fled Mount Targon after hiding what they could that Diana stumbled upon.

About this time, the events of Tryn's life have occurred. I believe he was wandering close to a group of Lunari survivors, looking for the Noxian army who killed his tribe. I get the thought that they join together. The Lunari follow him as he served barbarian chieftains and as he amassed his clan.

The release lore -where he's between the Howling Marsh and Ironspike Mountains- was a second attempt on his life. Although it says that was Noxian assassins again, I believe this was Aatrox yet again trying to kill him, hiding in the group of assassins.

If you go by this idea, that would mean the Lunari in his tribe die since everyone but him is killed. To make up for it, I have another thought.

What if the Lunari were already there? The genocide in Mount Targon takes place and the Lunari that survive it are left wandering Valoran. Being followers of the Moon, I believe they feel a pull to the North. The moon does have more power in the North. They travel to Freljord and form a new following...

TL;DR : Tryndamere's tribe consists of Lunari who survived the Solari genocide. He brought them with him when he reached Freljord. OR the Lunari were already there. I also think Aatrox is a tryhard for trying to kill this guy so many times. I think the Lunari being in Freljord beforehand makes more sense because it may have taken place over a decade/century ago.

... Thanks for reading this. I kept losing my thoughts and adding stuff; I like my second theory better.

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One big problem here:
Tryndameres release story isn't canon anymore,his story was rewritten,now it only says he lives in freljord(which is pretty far away from mt.targon) and his tribe was killed by barbarians who got help from aatrox.
(even in his old lore,they were slaugthered between the howling marsh and ironspike mountains and while that is closer to mt.targon,it is still not very close)

However,there is something that could indeed connect the freljord and the lunari(not necessarily meaning the lunari live there,but that they had some contact with the freljord).
And that is the moon stone,the one nami is searching.

Given that it is a moon stone,it would be just fitting that there is a connection between the lunari and the moon stone.
And Greyor the blue shopkeeper of the howling abyss says to nami that they are out of moonstones,implying that moon stones were used in the freljord for quite some time.

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I have this habit of trying to pull all of the stories together by taking some details from them and including them into the current. I can't kill it because it's fun to me.

But about the Freljord and Lunari. I think there are moonstones still there, but with the war between the three sisters going on, resources may either be gone as the shopkeeper says, or they're in the war-torn tundra, impossible to get. Maybe any of the princesses are holding onto it for their own benefit. As far as we know, it's the key to saving Nami's people. Doesn't mean it doesn't have other potential.