Guide To Shaco By RagingThunder (A tanky Build)

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Hello everyone my name is RagingThunder note that Shaco isn't my main just saw the build being used by pendragon when i looked at his profile so i thought to give it a try and it worked out great.

Shacos Skills:

Deceive: Well this skill basically teleports to a location and you are stealthed for 4 seconds if u attack while you are stealthed your attack will auto crit for bonus damage ( i believe 110% at lvl 5 deceive). I max this first it is really good for escaping and for chasing.

Jack In The Box: This is a good school for baiting into bushes where u have a swarm of these. They fear your opponent and do good damage @ lvl 1, but this isn't important for this build.

Two- Shiv Poison: The passive on this makes you slow enemy champions when the skill is up and if u use it, it deals damage and slows them.

Hallucinate: This is your ultimate it makes a clone of yourself and the clone gets the same items as you(that is what this build will focus on).

Summoner Spells: I usually take cleanse/ignite or ignite/ghost.

I usually do it like this feel free to change it up and tell me how it works.


I Start off early game with a meki pendant and 2 health pots. Then i build chalice and get some speed 1 boots if I have enough i usually get mercury threads if their team has high CC if not then boots of mobility. After the shoes i usually farm solo and get enough for a malady. After malady i start building madreds i get recurve bow first for the bonus attack speed, then pickaxe, by then i usually have enough to buy it if i don't i get the other piece (forgot name:P). After madreds i start building Guardian Angel(by this time game is usually ending), if my game goes on longer i build a sunfire cape.

Strategy: I think i am the only shaco who focuses on last hitting creeps early on and farming. I don't gank much just stay and farm as much as i can. by level 6 i have all of my skills and a good rank in deceive so I try to get a kill. I Deceive, Two shiv+Ignite and just auto attack and they usually go down. When people stop laning and start ganking i stay in my lane and farm and lvl and push turrets and if their team isnt paying attention then you can take down turrets very easily. I always try to out level my enemies by 2-3 levels. After i push 1 or two turrets i start getting into team fight. I usually let the tank initiate then hop in there ignite the lowest health champ, use hallucinate and attack the lowest hp person, with malady and madreds and a 2nd shaco you deal ENORMOUS amounts of damage especially on tanks they go down like flies with this build because of madreds.

So yha that is basically how i play shaco if you feel i didn't explain something that well feel free to ask and tell me how the guide was.

O yha and for runes i have armour pen Reds,Dodge Yellow, Magic Pen Blue, 1 crit damage quint, 2 armour pen. And like i said feel free to ask questions. Also note it isn't an easy build to use :P

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this isnt really a tank build as your tank items are when the game is ended, i'd call this a AS build with tank as an afterthought. move the malady to after the mandreds bloodrazor and the lifesteal will be usefull since you next to no real damage without the mandreds bloodrazor. the malady just slows down your offence.