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Why I switched to maining Dominion

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The best part of Dominion is not having to go through the horribly boring laning phase - and as a side effect, it does make playing champions with terrible laning power much better. (Poppy, Kassadin, etc.) Team fighting for most of the game is just awesome, though I'd like to see a Dominion map that didn't want a designated laner.

The worst part of Dominion is that team-fight abilities with long cooldowns, especially on champions that don't prioritize CDR (Kennen, Fiddlesticks, etc.) are way worse or almost useless because of the map size and short respawn timer. Balance as a whole has pretty much the same problems as SR and TT but with a different set of culprits.

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Fiddlesticks doesn't prioritise CDR? But he does, he usually builds Frozen Heart to max CDR and is then a terrifying CC machine.