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Chibi sonas!!

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I'm very sad to see Ezreal in here but not Taric =(

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blast from the past wow. still my favorite thread even if it doesn't get updated anymore :')

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Hello everyone!

This is my first time posting in the LoL Forums >.<;;
[12/17] edit - sorry for long time no update! Just drew a picture of Ezreal. Wanted to share with you all! =)

[7/6] edit - added Soraka (requested chibi). I want to try to get this thread onto Summoner Showcase.

[7/3] edit - akali in pencil

[6/27] edit - added Ahri pic xD

[6/20] edit - A picture of irelia I drew from a while back xD;;

[6/19] edit - This isn't really a Chibi Sona thread anymore. I drew Shyvana because someone requested it, sorry it's not a Chibi version.

I actually made a CG Lineart tutorial featuring this piece, for artists out there! =)

[6/14] edit - drew some ahri and katarina chibis with MS Paint xD

[6/06] edit - Anyways.... here, I have drawn the Chibi version of every single Sona skin from League of Legends.
Here's the version with all of them in one pic: http://fav.me/d52n8t7

I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided to do this. There are too many details in her instrument.

I hope this was all worth it, and you guys like this! Enjoy!

I've also drawn a lot of other Chibis as well.

Please visit my deviantART at http://urusai-baka.deviantart.com if you have time to spare =)


These are beaut.

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Wow they're amazing <3
I wish i could draw like that .. stick figures for life QQ