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[Champion concept] Sneak peek: Vi's Business Partner

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It was late evening in Demacia countryside village, little Mia was staring at sunset sky through the window as she was waiting for someone. Sister Regina, their orphanage house guardian, was cleaning some mess that other boys had done.

From afar, Mia saw the man she waited for. The man who rescued Mia from her harsh past, being alone, abandoned. Her family was gone 3 years back." Sister!!! Sister!!! Papi is coming home", cried Mia. Sister opened the door and let Mia ran happily towards the man. Mia hug him tightly with love. He pat Mia head gently, grab her and let her sat on his left broad shoulder. Mia hug around his neck happily.

"Good evening, Senor. Quite late today?" greet Sister. He replied, " I got charity match today, look how much I got", as he hand over a bag of gold coins to her. Mia cried, "Yeahhh, we can have nice dinner tonight!!! Can I have ice-cream for desserts?".

"Sure Mia. Too bad, Pedro, Matias and Diego had a fight and broke our dinner table apart", Sister Maria sighed. "Papi, teach them some lesson. They throw my doll into the well. Look my little doll Julie got wet", said Mia angrily. He just did facepalm, he did not expect such things happen in one day when he went away.

"DO SOMEONE HAVE MONEY PROBLEMA AGAIN?", cried Vi from nowhere, as she thrust her fist against their house signpost and broke it.

"Senorita, how many times you did that again?", cried Sister Regina.
"Sorry, too strong. Wahaha!!!", laughed Vi happily. "Oh hola, little Mia. You cute little bonita...", said Vi as she cuddled Mia cheek.

He blocked Vi fist away from Mia and growl angrily. Vi hold her fist, "Chillax man!"

"So hey, I need a partner like you for a match at Zaun Hallympic day after tomorrow, are you coming or not? By the way, if we win, we can get more rewards. Come on, your 'somewhat poor' children need some...." Before Vi can finished up her words, he punched Vi on her face and growl angrier.

"Ooh Papi, poor Senorita," said Mia.

Vi said, "Yeah right, see you tomorrow, big guy!!!"