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[Champion Concept] Lenard, the Lone Journeyman

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Metal Capo




Main Tags: Mage, Assassin, Ranged
Capabilities: Disabler, Initiator, Ganker, Support, Roamer, Semi-Carry

Brief Description:

Lenard, also known as the "utility carry," is a champion who can technically play most roles and go into any lane due to his high versatility of his ability set. He can flow well with most builds to fit which ever the team needs he most. He has very powerful ganking abilities that is best to be taken advantage of early game. His ultimate allows him to snowball and to have one of his allies become more powerful or himself with a fully enchanted inventory late game. He is not so easy to master since he requires Timing, Map Awareness, Team Communication, and the ability to Adapt into any situation. If mastered he becomes very unpredictable.

Concept Art:

Lenard (Default): "The Lone Journeyman's traditional gear for the League."
517426 544696

Lenard (Drifter): "The Lone Journeyman walks through many areas of Valoran, and some of those areas often have harsh climates. The coat serves it's purpose to keep the Lone Journeyman comfortable throughout his journey."

Lenard (Sandstorm): "In his journey along the Shurima desert, the humid temperature often tired out travelers with clothing unfit and dehydrated them frequently. Made out of fine quality silk and a few of his enhancements, the desert outfit is able to keep the Lone Journeyman unharmed from these effects."

Lenard (Warscribe): "This experimental armor and its weapon systems were secretly hidden from the rest of the Tavesonians, for it's power and durability that the gear brings, it was not long before the Lone Journeyman was able to recover the plans after the incident."

Lenard (Winterwolf): "The winters of the Freljord were ruthless and dangerous, as many dangers awaiting unsuspecting travelers. The Lone Journeyman faced off against a dire wolf that was rumored to kill and absorb the souls of its victims. After the battle, both were wounded, but the dire wolf was the one to fall to its fatal wound. Lenard later brought the corpse of the dire wolf to a nearby Freljord settlement and obtained the skin of the wolf. He now adorns it on his new piece of armor inspired by the crafts of the Freljords."

Lenard (Hitman): "I tell you man, this guy don't fool around in his business. He is completely shady and he kills people without any sign of trace or emotion. I would be dead if I did not rile trouble with his clients. And what's with that cane of his that I am missin'?" - A Piltover ex-criminal

Ability Visual Changes:
Q: Throws a cluster of grenades in a line.
E: Summons magical telephone stands.
R: Fires a large caliber round from his cane.

Lore of the Lone Journeyman

In the forests of Valoran lies a small settlement known as Taveson. It is a place where the finest enchanted crafts are made by people who have a special trait. The people of Taveson have a great natural source of magic within them, but the downside is that they cannot conjure offensive or defensive magic like other mages. Instead, they have a powerful ability to enchant specific things to fit in various situations by extracting their magic to forge them with the natural elements. Taveson remained a peaceful settlement, avoiding any conflict with the affairs of the major kingdoms in Valoran.

Lenard was a gifted and remarkable craftsman, he excelled in his classes and completed advanced projects as a child. After fully completing his education in the elements of magic and the arts of crafting, he spent his time designing artifacts, weapons and other inventions. In that time, Lenard wondered about the world besides the settlement he lives in and he hopes that someday that he will be able to travel to the outside world and make a name for his people. Soon, the cities of Valoran discovered Taveson of its talents and requested their services to help them work on projects that seem impossible. Lenard took the opportunity to travel to the world of Valoran so that he could learn of the nature of magic Valoran has to offer.

He received his first contract from Zaun to research a secret artifact that was hidden from the rest of the world. Lenard spent time examining the artifact until it drew Lenard into its power and started transferring uncountable amounts of magical energy into him. The process was painful and long as Lenard was absorbing the energy from the artifact. It was several days when he woke up from his unconsciousness in the middle of a ruined settlement. It is filled with silence and bodies decorate the roads that happen to be recently drained of magic. Realizing what he has done, he felt guilt and depression, for he found himself responsible for "sucking the life" out of his own people.

He exiled himself to stray away from the ruined settlement as far as possible and into areas where comfort is not available for him. For several years he walked the path on his own through deserts, forests, and plains, learning the nature and the geography of Valoran. Eventually he found a solution to his never ending sorrow by traveling to the Institute of War where he joined the League to redeem himself from the horrid disaster he caused.

"Only one can find his own true purpose by walking the path in front of him alone." - Lenard

Disclaimer: "If Riot should take notice of this concept and use it, I will give the full legal rights to Riot to take parts or all of the content of this champion, and I will not make any prosecutions for any case of Riot using my concept."

Overview Stats:

Defense: Weak
Attack: Average
Magic: Strong
Difficulty: Hard


Health: 400 (+76)
Health Regen: 4.30 (+0.6)
Mana: 250 (+50)
Mana Regen: 6.50 (+0.6)
Range: 550
Attack Damage: 53 (+3)
Attack Speed: 0.656 (+3.1%)
Armor: 13 (+2.8)
Magic Resist: 30 (+0.0)
Move Speed: 310


534237(Passive) Diffusal Energies: Lenard's basic attack and abilties will apply a stack of Magic Fracture. When Impaled Shards reaches up to 4 stacks, the target will become Magic Exposed. Each stack of Magic Fracture will reduce the magic resistance of the target by 4 (Level 1)/ 5 (Level 6)/ 6 (Level 11)/ 7 (Level 16). Magic Exposed will reduce the magic resistance of the target by 20 (Level 1)/ 25 (Level 6)/ 30 (Level 11)/ 35 (Level 16). If Lenard uses a basic attack on the target, it will deal 20 + (5.5 per level) + (0.35) ability power) bonus magic damage and slow the target by 35% for 1 second.

-If Lenard attacks another enemy target, the stacks on the previous targets will be lost.
-Stacks of Magic Fracture and Magic Exposed will wear off after 5 seconds.
-If Lenard uses a basic attack or an ability on the target who has Magic Exposed, the debuff will be consumed.
"Those who try to ward off magic will only have their own defense shut down due to the feedback properties of the Lone Journeyman's arsenal."

534239(Q Ability) Disruption Blast: Lenard crushes an unstable runestone into the ground, creating a line of explosions that knocks up targets briefly and stuns them after they land and dealing magic damage. Targets that are hit by the last explosion will be knocked towards Lenard. Targets hit while magic exposed will have a second explosion strike under them after a short delay dealing half the damage.

-There are a total of 5 explosions in a line, each with a 170 AoE radius.
-Targets can only be hit by one of the explosions. (except for the M.E. second explosion)
Damage: 70/110/150/190/230 + (0.45 ability power) magic damage
M.E. Second Explosion Delay: 2.5 seconds
Knock Up Duration: 0.5 seconds
Stun Duration: 0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8/1 seconds
Knockback Distance: 400
Cooldown: 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 seconds
Mana Cost: 55/65/75/85/95 mana
Range: 850
Cast Type: Skillshot Line
Projectile Speed: 1250
"With powers unwillingly absorbed by the past, he can turn an ordinary stone into a volatile bomb."

534240(W Ability) Impulsive Kick: Lenard lunges at the target to kick them back based on how close the ability was performed, while Lenard knocks himself back the same distance as the target and deals magic damage. Targets hit while magic exposed will take extra damage from this ability.
Knockback Distance: 200 - 400
Damage: 65/100/135/170/205 + (0.5 ability power)
M.E. Extra Damage Percentage: 30%
Cooldown: 13 seconds
Mana Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 mana
Range: 400
Cast Type: Target enemy
"Attempting to close quarters with the Lone Journeyman will result with a kick in the face."

534241(E Ability) Mirrored Portals: Lenard throws down a magical frame that activates a portal when the second is placed. If a target gets close to the portal, they will be teleported to the other portal and be stunned for 1 second while targets magic exposed will be stunned for 2 seconds. Allied targets are not affected by the stun.

-The first activation will throw the 1st portal while the second activation will throw the 2nd portal if it meets the casting range and the 1st portal's range.
-The minimum range for tossing the second portal is 300.
-Portal will last until Lenard activates the ability the third time, or an enemy destroys one of the portals.
-The 1st Portal will be the secondary range indicator for the second portal alongside Lenard's casting range.
-Lenard will not be able to place the 2nd portal if it exceeds the maximum range of the 1st portal or is attempted to be placed under 300 casting range.
-If the 1st Portal is destroyed before the 2nd is placed, the ability will reset, going on cooldown.
-Cooldown will start when the portals are used or destroyed.
1st Portal Range: 1000/1150/1300/1450/1600
Portal Health: 150
Portal HP Regen: 0.0
Portal Armor: 25
Portal Magic Resistance: 150
Portal Bounty: 30 gold
Cooldown: 25/23/21/19/17 seconds
Mana Cost: 100 mana
Casting Range: 650
Cast Type: Target point/area
"Containing properties of chaotic and natural magic, it is rumored that the Lone Journeyman can be in two places at once."

*This ultimate is two in one. If you use either ultimate you can cast the other one depending on who you targetted. Ex: You use Sorrow's End to damage an enemy champion and while it's on cooldown, you can use Sorrow's Enhancement on yourself or another ally.

534242(R Ability) Sorrow's End: Lenard takes out his handcrafted blunderbuss and fires a magically unstable rock slug that deals magic damage and applies a debuff, Exposed Soul, which amplifies the damage the target takes for 6 seconds. If the target dies under that debuff, Lenard will gain an essence charge. Targets Magic Exposed will suffer a heavy tapering slow for 4 seconds. Also applies Magic Exposed if the target isn't already affected by it.

-Having the max essence charges will instead refresh the cooldown of Sorrow's Enhancement by 150 seconds.
-Extra damage does not include the damage from Sorrow's End.
Damage: 150/225/300 + (0.7 ability power)
Amplified Damage: 10%/15%/20%
Cooldown: 90/80/70 seconds
Mana Cost: 125/175/225 mana
Range: 600
M.E. Movement Speed Slow: Tapering 80%
Missile Speed: 2500
Cast Type: Target Enemy

(R Ability) Sorrow's Enhancement: Lenard uses his current essence charges to improve his or allies' single item, improving its base stats permanently.

Improves Only:
  • Attack Damage
  • Attack Speed
  • Armor Penetration
  • Magic Penetration
  • Ability Power
  • Armor
  • Magic Resist

-Does not improve unique passives.
-An item that already has an enhancement cannot be enchanted again.
-The sell price of the enchanted item will still remain the same as if it was a normal item.
-If Lenard dies, he will lose 1 essence charge.
Max Essence Charges: 6 charges
Item Stats Percentage Increase: 8%/17%/25%/34%/42%/50%
Channel Time: 2.5 seconds
Mana Cost: 200 mana
Cooldown: 300 seconds
Cast Type: Target self or ally

Gameplay Tips:

As Lenard:
- Your ganks are very powerful early to mid game, use it extensively to ensure your team has a higher advantage. (Consider leveling up your Mirrored Portals as first priority).
- When chasing an enemy champion, throwing the portal in front of their direction and using Impulsive Kick will force enemies to be teleported effectively, considering you faced enemy champion in the right direction.
- Use Disruption Blast to open up your combo, following Mirrored Portals and Impulsive Kick.
- You can place the mirrored portals between your Jungler's path and into the bottom lane so that he can approach the enemy target faster.

Against Lenard:
- Always make sure your support or yourself have wards so that you can spot whenever Lenard attempts to make a gank early to mid game.
- Manual spellshields are effective against Lenard, as you can block out one of his abilities that may be fatal to you.
- In mid to late game, be sure to avoid the bushes as Lenard may have placed one of his portals in there.
- Keep a look out for Lenard before teamfights so that you can focus him down with your team, since he is meant to take out a single champion as an assassin.


Ganker (Primary Role): Lenard's abilities allow him to isolate enemy targets and burst them down with his combo to help his teammates finish them off. His abilities encourage him to roam the other lanes and gank other enemy champions to devalue them and set an advantage for his team. Doing so will help him build up charges for Sorrow's Enhancement to enhance his core items or place it on the main carry.

Support (Secondary Role): Lenard's ability set is able to make the carry's life easier in the bottom lane by providing escape routes for them, especially those with no escape abilities. He can harass enemy champions if he is able to land his abilities and even score kills. If Lenard is able to get enough charges for his ultimate without dying, he can make the carry become even more dangerous late game with a full enchanted inventory. His Mirrored Portals also allow the Jungler to reach the lanes faster.

Initiator (Tertiary Role): Lenard can make a good choice for initiating if no other initiators are present within the teamfight as he can open up the enemy champions with his Disruption Blast or isolating single enemy champions with his Mirrored Portals trap.

Recommended Skill Builds:

Ganking Build: Your first priority ability to max out will be Mirrored Portals as it will increase the range of the portal distance so that you can be able to gank more easier and even allow your Jungler to reach the lane faster for a surprise gank. Max out your Disruption Blast second to increase its stun duration to a good amount and damage and then max out your Impulsive Kick last since it's only good for its knockback utility. Also max out your Sorrow's End soon as possible for that big damage it brings.

Item Builds

Standard Recommended Items:
Doran's Ring
Boots of Mobility
Rod of Ages
Deathfire Grasp
Rabadon's Deathcap
Lich Bane

Possible Builds:

AP Ganker:
Boots of Mobility
Rod of Ages
Rabadon's Deathcap
Lich Bane
Deathfire Grasp
Void Staff

AP/AS Carry:
Berserker's Greaves
Nashor's Tooth
Lich Bane
Rabadon's Deathcap
Guinsoo's Rageblade

Boots of Mobility
Ruby Sightstone
Shurelya's Reverie
Zeke's Herald / Will of the Ancients

Voice Lines

"The journey awaits in the battlefield."

"Face extinction."
"History consumes you."
"Death is your only company."
"Embrace loneliness."
"May your soul rest now."
"The last page turns."
"Journey to your afterlife."

"I walk, alone."
"The long road ahead."
"Do not seek me."
"The sorrows surround me."
"A path has its purpose."
"I hear the howl of the lost."
"A simple change in direction."
"I will find redemption."
"Never will I hinder."
"The journey has much to offer."

Upon Using Mirrored Portals:
"Miss me?"
"Mind the warp."
"An inevitable exit."
"Back again."

Upon Using Sorrow's End:
"Your soul demands freedom."
"A soul ripe for release."
"Your journey begins soon."

Killing a Specific Champion:
(Ahri): "Souls are not meant to be devoured."
(Ahri): "I don't mind using your essences."
(Karthus): "The lost souls can sleep once more."
(Hecarim): "Souls will panic no more."

"You are but a defilement to the nature of this world."
"A fighter like you should not cry out for mercy."

"The lost and forgotten have yet to find a soul mate."
"Forever alone I walk the lands."

Hitman Skin Voice Lines:

"Face your end of the line."
"Nothin' personal really."
"Cutting loose ends."
"My bidder says hello."
"Your done for."
"Your head is ripe for the price."
"No need to panic, just die."

"Opportunities await."
"Shifting onward."
"To the crowd I disappear."
"On the job."
"My contract is far from over."
"The target draws near."
"The right move for the right job."
"Change of plans eh?"
"So many ways to kill..."

"Your are just the person on my list."
"Heh, a low risk job, how convenient."

"Do please say hello to my friend here."
"You don't want to meet the end of my cane, do ye?"

Champion Judgement:

Nobody dared to look under the hat, for it is rumored that the victim would soon be overwhelmed by sorrow and agony from the eyes of the lone individual, walking on the road with no intention of rest.

The Lone individual treaded onward into the next path, where the road weaves into countless directions, almost appeared to be an endless journey. The harsh weather, curious travelers and the helpless in peril may come across his way, but he hardly noticed.

He did not care for the unfortunate who's life were taken away by natural causes or murderous people, he only walks away from the trouble that would only be a burden in his journey.

But in his halt, he saw a necklace, shining in light from the sun. He picked up the necklace for a closer inspection to find a blue glowing aura shine more brightly as it sends its energy to tingle with the individual's magical energies before fading its color to nothing.

He soon felt something in his heart beat with pain as he closed his eyes to reconnect with the past that lingered with his memories.

The memory, being with his kin in a small isolated settlement.

The bright flash soon faded into giving him clear vision of the environment, he opened his eyes to find himself in the middle of an abandoned village, left in ruin. He stood up onto his feet to move to inspect the settlement in a purpose to find the cause of the ruined village.

Walking along the dirt road that was mostly covered with broken wood and ashes, he found the bodies of the inhabitants who strangely look untouched, but dead silent. They lie scattered across the grounds of the village in the center. It appeared that these people were in a celebration of a holiday or in a busy day when the catastrophic event struck upon them.

The individual walked to the center of the village to find a table that held a strange green crystal, with strands of magic floating constantly around it. As he approached the green crystal, the aura of it grew bigger and soon sent a magical shockwave that drove him to the ground, unable to resist the pain of the shockwave that feebled with his energy and magic.

"Do you feel it, Tavesonian?"

The individual, struggling to look at the crystal was startled at the name, somehow a reference to his kind. He tried to question the crystal, but the shockwave held back his throat.

"That is the pain they all felt when you grasped the power of mine, and thanks to your part, I now have the power of your people to be able to writhe all those that oppose my goals, and soon you will succumb to my power."

The individual felt anger overcoming his mind that drove his hatred toward the green crystal, the cause of the extinction. He broke free of the magical pain that held him and drew out his blunderbuss and aimed it at the crystal.

"Destroying me won't save your people or yourself, Tavesonian."

"No, but destroying you will end the torment," spoke the individual.

In matter of a second, Lenard pulled the trigger and the blunderbuss unleashed a deafening blast that flashed with such bright intensity that blinded Lenard that soon faded...

Into a room dimly lit by the candles.

He found himself sitting on a chair along with a strange figure dressed in a purple robe facing him. He took time to calm himself from the horrible vision and formed his question.

"Who are you to know of my past?" demanded the individual.

"That I will answer later, but l would like to ask you more importantly," insisted the summoner.

"You know nothing of me," the individual replied briefly.

"Why do you want to join the League, Lenard?"

The individual was half shocked to find that the summoner knows his name, but curious to how.

"It is not hard to find out about the history of your people, even through that 'incident,'" said the summoner.

Lenard gathered his thoughts to answer the question.

"I come to the league to find a way to redeem myself of the disaster I caused and to ease the sorrows I created," answered Lenard.

The summoner gave a slight nod to his answer and stood up to leave the room, but on the way out, the summoner left a small question to him.

"How does it feel, exposing your mind?"

The summoner then closed the door, and Lenard was left in the room alone to recuperate with his past and closed his eyes.

With one memory he remembered, he shed a tear.


  • Added a skin (probably intended for legendary)
  • Added Hitman voice lines

  • Removed the facing directions on the Mirrored Portals. (To clear up confusions)

  • Updated Item Builds
  • Updated Tips
  • Updated Roles
  • Updated Brief Description
  • Decreased Sorrow's End base damage

  • Reworked values and features to his abilities

  • Added the Winterwolf Skin

  • Updated voice lines
  • Added the Voice Lines for Laning with Specific Champions

  • Added a new ultimate
  • Added a new version of his default skin
  • Moved Concept art under Brief Description
  • Updated voice lines

  • Diffusal Energies can reduce magic resist by 35 total at level 16
  • Increased duration of Magic Fracture/Magic Exposed from 4 to 5 seconds
    [*[Decreased damage per chargeon Sorrow's End from 65/95/125 to 65/90/110

10/2/12 (Part 2):
  • Reorganized some information
  • Added tags to the top
  • Changed brief description at the top

  • Minor damage increase to his Sorrow's End damage per charge

9/29/12 (Part 2):
  • Added sketches of ability icons
  • Moved the pictures to fit them near the descriptions

  • Reworked Sorrow's End mechanics
  • Increased the damage per level for the bonus damage in Diffusal Energies
  • Added a new skin sketch
  • Added descriptions for the skins
  • Added a disclaimer

  • Reduced the early level damage of Sorrow's End and reduced the AP ratio from 0.9 to 0.6
  • Increased cooldown for Sorrow's End
  • Added cast types to his abilities
  • Added more description to his Mirrored Portals
  • Changed some tips
  • Added scaling mechanics to Diffusal Energies

  • Added another function to Sorrow's End
  • Added the item builds section
  • Added some quotes to the voice lines
  • Increased the passive's Bonus damage scale from 0.3 to 0.35

  • Changed Disruption Blade into Disruption Blast and its M.E. effect

  • Reverted Sorrow's End into it's original mechanics, but scaled down the damage.
  • Added skill builds section, first with the Ganking Build.

  • Reworked Sorrow's End.
  • Organized information of Mirrored Portals to better describe the mechanics.
  • Renamed Arcanic Kick to Impulsive Kick.
  • Renamed Taverblade to Disruption Blade and shortened the stun and knock up duration.
  • Changed ability descriptions.

  • Added new pictures (Do take a look!)

  • Reworked passive
  • Replaced Burst Shards with Taverblade
  • Updated tips and information
  • Tweaked the portal distance range
  • Added a few quotes to voice lines

  • Added gameplay tips section
  • Reworked the values of most abilities.

  • Added voice lines

  • Added champion judgement
  • Added an overall stats section

  • Big reworks to ability values
  • Added a few concept arts
  • Added a description to roles
  • Organized ability descriptions

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Lyria Eternal

Senior Member


I note that fact indeed. He would be shut down by champions like Nocturne.


The concept has a lot of unique ideas to it. I especially like the portals. The W kinda reminds me of Caitlyn's effect except it knocks both of you back, and does slow.

It looks like not much needs to be said about about the ratios, damages, or ranges. Everything looks like it took plenty of time to create and even more time to post.


I'm sure some people will make some comments about this at some point.

Otherwise good job.


My concepts:

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Senior Member


Base Stats

Somewhat squishy, but good mana. Okay. Everything seems pretty much fine up until Magic Resist; For this type of champ, that would be 30 + 0 per level. Ranged champs get +0. ALL champs start at 30. Melee get +1.25 per level, and a few (Kayle and Nidalee) get + .75 per level.

Passive - Diffusal Shard Rounds

Seems pretty underpowered...Has to get up to six stacks, then has to be hit again, and then it's just a lowered magic resistance...hmmm.

Q Ability - Burst Shards

...Ummm...okay. Seems fine...I guess. A higher mana cost woul;d be a good idea if he can use it so often.

W Ability - Arcanic Kick

Looks good to me. Damage should be bit lower if it can slow them.

E Ability - Mirrored Portals

Portal distance should be a bit higher, so it can have fast travel potential. How much health/armor/magic resist/health regen does a frame have?

R Ability - Ultimate - Sorrow's End

What's a mini-stun? Also, damage is too low. 450/600/750 would work though. That way, when they're ME, it deals 900/1200/1500. And it could make them magic exposed automatically.

Seems pretty good, though the abilities don't seem to relate to each other. I like it.

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Metal Capo



Updated, and thanks for the review Rolepgeek.

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Metal Capo




Comment below rating threshold, click here to show it.

Metal Capo



Back from busy weekends. I made two significant changes to his abilities so that his skill set accommodates each other well. Some more reivews would be nice.

Comment below rating threshold, click here to show it.




pretty cool and i like the whole concept of him. the ult ratio seems a little op if he is going to deal double damage if the target is magic exposed. idk, just what i think, im not an expert. it could be overwritten by the fact that he may just use ult to execute or reapply magic exposed after just consuming it for additional power for his abilities afterwards. otherwise, the passive seems fine, maybe increase magic resist to 6 for 30 total mr reduc? the rest is fine. very nice.

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Metal Capo



I thank you for the review and the thing is with his ultimate is that it is half the damage output Lenard does to a single target. And it can be countered with a manual spellshield (Sivir, Nocturne) considering they used it at the right time.

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Metal Capo




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Stats are alright


- Lower CC duration (right now it’s a bit high)

- Why does he throw a sword for this ability (Seems a bit odd for me. Mechanically the ability is sound, just the fluff behind it feels odd to me).


- Like the concept.
- Overall okay.


- Wording is confusing.

- Define “near” Lenard? ( If placed near Lenard, the portal frame faces away from him) Assuming this is to prevent him from auto using them; however why not always have them face away?

- Is this a two part spell? (Like you can cast it twice before it going on cooldown?)

- How long do the mirrors last?

- What happens if the mirrors are placed too far away?

- Does the cooldown start after the portal is destroyed?


- Damage is too high, like ridiculously high.

- Imo change the Magic Exposed Bonus

- Why does it need to stun?


- I feel what Len needs the most is for you to go back and reword portions of his abilities. (Look at how Riot does their ability for example). The League of Legends Wiki would be very useful for this.

- Thank you for your feedback on Aegis, the Shieldsworn (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=28736873&posted=1#post28736873)

- Good luck and I am interested in how Len evolves =)